Top retail resources for 2022: Blogs, podcasts, guides, newsletters

2022 might be a challenging year for retailers. Considering the chain supply issues and the demanding customers, retailers, and brands need to keep up with trends and adapt quickly to change. 

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best retail resources from all over the internet to make it easier for you to find the latest news and trends in the retail industry. Let’s dig in and see what to follow, subscribe to, and read in 2022. 

Top 10 retail blogs to read in 2022

Kicking off this resource article with retail blogs you should read in 2022. All of these publications come with amazing insights, the latest news, and industry discussions. 

1. The Retail Doctor Blog

Bob Phibbs, one of the most well-known influencers in the retail sphere is The Retail Doctor. For over 20 years Bob Phibbs has been offering amazing pieces of advice to retailers. You can find articles on various topics, from how to improve customer experience to how to calculate the LTV.

 Read the blog here:

2. Insider Trends

In-depth articles and trend updates are the main focus of this retail blog. Insider Trends is definitely a publication you should be reading in 2022 if you want to stay ahead of your competitor. 

 Read the articles here:

3. Retail Dive

If you are looking for a complete overview of the retail industry, then you should check out Retail Dive’s blog. They cover various topics, from retail tech to in-store operations. You will find impactful news and in-depth discussions with retail experts.

 Read their articles here:

4. Retail Week

Want to switch things up? Take a look at Retail Week’s updates. They don’t only focus on articles and come with amazing industry analysis and videos. Retail Week is the UK's leading provider of global retail industry news.

 Follow their posts here:

5. Tokinomo 

We don’t want to brag, but we post weekly articles filled with tips and tricks. Focused on brick and mortar stores and CPG brands, Tokinomo’s blog gathers experts’ opinions to highlight the latest trends in retail. On this blog, you will find expert round-ups, short tips and tricks articles, and in-depth guides.

Read our blog articles here:

6. RetailWire Retail News and Analysis

Dating back to 2002, RetailWire is a unique online news analysis and discussion forum. Every retail professional should follow their posts. Their articles and discussions are packed with actionable information. 

Read their posts here:

7. Independent Retailer 

Easy-to-read and insightful, the Independent Retailer’s blog is a great resource for retailers, especially small business owners. You will find industry trends and tips and tricks articles that are updated on a regular basis. 

Read the blog here:

8. Retail Customer Experience Blog

Discover news, information, and strategies that will help you improve the customer experience. Retail Customer Experience’s articles focus on the importance of a great customer experience especially in these times when customers are more demanding than ever. 

Read the articles here:

9. Talking Retail: Grocery & Product News for Independent Retailers

Find the latest grocery retail sector news from supermarkets, independent retailers, convenience stores, grocery stores & food producers. Focused on the grocery sector, the Talking Retail blog is a great resource for FMCG brand managers. 

Check out the blog here:

10. Total Retail - The Retailer's Source for Content & Community

Total Retail is a blog that covers multiple topics regarding retail. From marketing tips to e-commerce trends, you will always find insightful articles on the Total Retail blog.

 Check out the articles here:

Top 10 retail podcasts to listen to in 2022

Want to learn as you work or drive? Maybe a podcast is a better alternative for you. Considering that podcasts are extremely popular at the moment, we’ve selected 10 retail podcasts so you don’t have to search in the depths of the Internet for them. 

1. Retail Gets Real

Created by the National Retail Federation, the Retail Gets Real podcast is a gem. If you listen to this podcast you will be able to find amazing insights from top retail experts and find the latest trends in the industry. 

Listen here: 

2. Retail Prophet

While it might not record with regularity, Doug Stephens, influencer and author of Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World, shares amazing insights in his podcast. Discover trends, technologies, and behaviors that are shaping the future of retail. 

Listen here: 


If you want to learn about the evolution of retail in today’s world, then Rethink Retail’s podcast is the one for you. Every episode comes with great insights for retailer leaders. 

Listen here: 

4. Tell Me Something Good About Retail

Another great podcast hosted by a well-known retail influencer. Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor, created a great, actionable podcast. In each episode, Bob Phibbs brings great guests such as Greg Buzek and Dan Hodges. 

Listen here: 

5. Spieckerman Speaks Retail

We continue our series of podcasts with another great addition. Hosted by Carol Spieckerman, this podcast debates the hottest topics in the retail industry. Some of the most interesting things you will hear about in the episode include phygital retail and retail impostor syndrome. 

Listen here: 

6. The Modern Retail Podcast

Cale Weissman, the editor of Modern Retail, is the one that hosts this podcast. In every episode, the host brings in amazing guests who share their opinions on various topics, including fast fashion and CPG trends. Episodes range from 30 to 50 minutes. 

Listen here: 

7. The Retail Focus Podcast

This is a podcast covering the retail world. In each episode, you will find business developments, trends, and historical perspectives. This podcast features news summaries, interviews, and previews of industry goings-on.

Listen here: 

8. Brick and Mortar Visibility - Be the Only Option in Town

Created for brick and mortar store owners, this podcast is a breath of fresh air. It’s easy to listen to and filled with actionable tips. The short episodes (20 minutes max) are recorded by Melissa Rose, a visibility coach for brick and mortar businesses. 

Listen here: 

9. Creative Shop Talk

Learn how to attract customers to your store and keep them coming back. In this podcast, the host, Wendy Batten, creative retail coach and mentor, shares tips and tricks on how to succeed at retailing. You will also be able to listen to success stories from guest speakers. 

Listen here: 

10. Real Retail TV | WhizBang! Retail Training

Last but not least, Real Retail TV is a great addition to this podcast list. You will be able to learn tips and tricks on how to handle your store and to increase sales. A great resource for store owners. 

Listen here: 

Top 10 guides and e-books to learn from in 2022

1. Retailers Reaching for Net-zero - NRF

A great resource for retailers that want to change the way they approach climate change. Since it’s a really hot topic (pun intended), NRF decided to create a complete guide to help retailers and brands better understand their impact in this matter. This resource is available for members only. 

Download here

2. In-store marketing complete guide - Tokinomo

A free, easy-to-read guide that is packed with great insights and examples. This in-store marketing guide offers you every little detail you need to know about this type of marketing. At the end of the guide, you’ll also find some amazing campaigns for inspiration. 

Read here

3. InStorePedia - Tokinomo

Tokinomo brings yet another resource to help you. An encyclopedia of retail terms, designed for professionals who are at the beginning of their careers. Never wonder what your co-worker was talking about at the last meeting. 

Check out the terms here

4. Retail The New Way - Cegid

Cegid brings an in-depth guide.  They teamed up with the Institute of Connected Commerce to bring the latest ebook, Retail the New Way. Find best practices and amazing stories from brands like Hugo Boss and Kusmi Tea. 

Download here

5. Become a Leader in Retail Customer Experience - Qualtrics

Learn how to become a leader at retail CS from this eBook created by Qualtrics. Discover how to increase your share of wallet, optimize and accelerate your customer acquisition, and improve your brand awareness. 

Download here

6. Shopper marketing guide - Tokinomo

Shopper marketing might be a challenging form of marketing for many. That’s why Tokinomo comes to the rescue with this comprehensive guide. Easy to read and filled with actionable information, the guide is free to access anytime. 

Read it here

7. Retailer's Guide: Unlocking the power of data - Vizlib

Data, one of the most important things in this technological world. Access to data has an amazing impact on marketing and sales, but how does it impact retail? Find out in this guide from Vizlib. 

Download here

8. A retail buyer's guide to machine learning - Infocor

Machine learning is another hot topic that everybody seems to be talking about. Infocor came with a great resource to help retailers better understand machine learning and its benefits. 

Download here

9. Brand activation ultimate guide - Tokinomo

Want to create amazing campaigns for your customers? Then you should first read this comprehensive guide on brand activation from Tokinomo. Discover how others created brand activations that amazed shoppers in-store and online. 

Read here

Top 10 retail experts to follow in 2022

Want to participate in great discussions and learn from experts? Then you should follow these amazing retail influencers. 

1. Doug Stephens

Also known as the Retail Prophet, Doug Stephens is one of the most appreciated retail influencers. You can listen to his podcast, read the blog post, and follow him on LinkedIn to learn the latest retail trends. 

Follow on LinkedIn

2. Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is a customer service and experience expert that shares amazing insights on his LinkedIn page. Plus, he is a speaker at different interesting events and has a great blog, filled with actionable information. 

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3. Bryan Roberts

Founder of Shopfloor Insights, Bryan Roberts is an experienced retail consultant. He shares interesting posts on LinkedIn that sparkle great discussions. 

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4. Andrew Busby

Founder of Retail Reflections, Andrew Busby is one of the top 50 retail influencers in the world. He is also an author and speaker and you can find his work on LinkedIn. 

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5. Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

The founder of Retail Minded, a great retail-focused publication, Nicole, is a well-known retail expert. Apart from being an author, she shares tips and tricks on her blog and LinkedIn. 

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6. James Tenser

James Tenser is a retail tech marketing strategist that shares articles and resources on groceries, supermarkets, and brick and mortar retail. Plus, he is a well-known BrainTrust Commentator with over 2000 contributions shared. 

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7. Bob Phibbs

The Retail Doctor is an influencer you should follow. With more than 25 years of experience in this industry, Bob Phibbs shares amazing insights on his blog, podcast, and LinkedIn page. 

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8. Carol Spieckerman

Carol is a speaker, coach, and retail thought leader. You can listen to her tips and tricks on her podcast or you can read her opinions on various topics on her LinkedIn posts. 

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9. Cathy Hotka

Cathy Hotka is another top retail influencer. She was the Vice President of NRF and now is the President of Cathy Hotka & Associates. Cathy shares great insights on her LinkedIn page. 

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10. Steve Dennis

Our list of influencers couldn’t be complete without Steve Dennis. A well-known Forbes contributor, Steve Dennis shares his expert opinion on various topics, including new trends in the retail sector. 

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Top 10 retail newsletters to subscribe to in 2022

Don’t want to miss one important news update? Then this list of amazing newsletters is for you. Subscribe to the best of them to find curated information on your favorite topics. 

1. Retail Brew

Retail Brew is a daily newsletter filled with comprehensive information on the latest news and trends in the industry. Their format is easy to read and really entertaining. 

Subscribe here

2. Retail Wire

Retail Wire shares part of their news directly in the newsletter to make it easier for readers to stay informed. Plus, they share great resources such as guides and eBooks. 

Subscribe here

3. NRF SmartBrief

The National Retail Federation also shares retail news in its newsletter. If you want to stay up to date with the latest trends in retail you should definitely read this newsletter. 

Subscribe here

4. Tokinomo 

Don’t want to miss any blog articles and resources from Tokinomo? Then you should subscribe to our newsletter. Our weekly newsletter keeps you up to date with our latest articles. 

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5. Retail Dive

Retail Dive offers an in-depth newsletter, filled with amazing resources such as articles and expert comments. Select the type of newsletter you want to receive from them. 

Subscribe here

6. Modern Retail

If you want to get news and analysis covering the Amazon era and the evolution of direct-to-consumer brands, then you should read the Modern Retail newsletter. 

Subscribe here

7. Total Retail

Another great newsletter that should find its way into your inbox is the one from Total Retail. You will receive news updates, analysis, and retail resources. 

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8. ConsumerGoods

Want to be up to date with the latest CPG trends? The newsletter from ConsumerGoods comes with amazing insights directly to your inbox. 

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9. Retail Technology Review

Discover case studies and articles on retail tech and learn from experts. In this weekly newsletter, you will find the latest trends in retail technology. 

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10. Retail Gazette

We finalize our newsletter list with the Retail Gazette. If you subscribe to their newsletter you will receive valuable updates regarding the retail industry and the latest trends. 

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Read, listen, and learn about retail

We hope that these resources will help you stay updated about the latest news and trends in the ever-changing retail industry. Find the best format that works for you and read, listen, or learn about the retail trends and news. 

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