Supermarket advertising with POP marketing

When you walk into the supermarket, what makes you choose a bottle of pasta sauce over another one? Or a box of cereal over another brand? It's not just the price—it's the marketing. Marketing is how brands convince us that their pasta sauce tastes better, or that their cereal is healthier than all the others. 

Supermarket advertising includes everything from end-of-aisle displays to product placement in stores. But there's one form of supermarket advertising that has stood out more than anything else: point of purchase (POP) marketing. Before we dig deeper, let’s talk a bit about supermarket advertising.

Supermarket advertising

People spend a lot of time in-store, shopping for their favorite products. The average time spent grocery shopping is 41 minutes per session or about 53 hours per year. This is the best place and time to advertise to shoppers. Why? Because they came prepared to shop and they are looking for the best promotions. This is when supermarket advertising comes in. 

Supermarket advertising is exactly what you expect it to be: All of the advertising strategies used to market products inside a supermarket. Depending on the size of the supermarket, the number of products, and its marketing strategies, there are different types of advertising solutions available. Some of the most common types of advertising used in supermarkets include:

Register Tape Advertising

In supermarkets and in other stores, you receive a receipt for your purchase. Apart from showing customers how much they paid for every product, receipts are also a great place to advertise your products or recent promotions. 

Shopping Cart Advertising

In supermarkets, customers used shopping carts to be able to add as many products as they want and be able to carry them easily. The shopping cart is another great advertising “medium”. Most supermarkets place the latest promotions on their shopping carts and personalize the carts with their logo and other branding assets. 

Supermarket brochure

Another important advertising tactic for supermarkets is to have their own brochure, which they offer to shoppers in-store for free. Apart from newly added products and weekly specials, you can also add coupons or special offers to attract “bargain hunters”.

Aisle Advertising

This is by far the most popular type of supermarket marketing. All of the shelf-talkers, floor graphics, and dump bins are POP displays used for aisle advertising. As shoppers are walking on the aisles they are exposed to hundreds of products from different brands. One way to get customers to notice your products is to advertise them right at the point of sale, on the shelf.

Speaking of POP displays, let’s see why POP marketing is crucial for supermarket advertising.

What is POP marketing?

POP marketing stands for point of purchase marketing. It is used by retailers and brands to target customers right at the point of sale. POP marketing is a great way to create brand awareness, encourage impulse buying, and improve customer loyalty.

POP displays are a great way to advertise your products and services. They can be used at the point of purchase in supermarkets, or within stores by brands. POP displays not only add value to your campaign but also create brand awareness and increase sales.

Here are some reasons why you should use POP displays:

  • They help communicate a brand message – it’s important that people remember or recognize your brand when they see it, so POP displays allow you to do this effectively through eye-catching graphics and logos.
  • They help attract shoppers’ attention – By using colorful POP displays like end-caps or shelf-talkers, supermarket retailers can catch the attention of their customers. 
  • They help communicate promotions – POP marketing materials are ideal for promoting special offers on certain items in store such as ‘buy one get one free’ deals etc., where consumers need clear information on what they’re getting before making their purchase decision.

Innovative POP displays for supermarkets

Apart from the old-school POP displays like dump bins and shelf-talkers, they are the most innovative alternatives for supermarket advertising:

1. Digital displays

Digital displays are great for supermarkets because they can easily attract the attention of shoppers. By adding promotional photos and videos to the display, you will be able to advertise your latest promotions in-store. You can try out interactive displays if you are looking for a most engaging solution. 

2. Robotic POP displays

The robotic POSM is the most engaging type of POP display. Tokinomo combines light, sound, and motion technology to capture the attention of shoppers and allow products to promote themselves. Easy to implement and highly customizable, the robotic display can help increase sales by 200%!

These are our tips and tricks when it comes to supermarket advertising. Don’t forget that POP marketing is an important part of in-store advertising. Understand what triggers your customers and implement POP marketing campaigns that attract their attention.

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