Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #11

Campaign scoop

Music and food. What do brand activations and eggs 🥚 have in common? Apparently, a lot. Just Eggs wants to amp up its outreach at major summer events and festivals.  100,000 mini breakfast sandwiches are going to be offered at the Bonnaroo music festival near Nashville, Tenn. Nothing goes better with a Stevie Nicks performance than a mini breakfast sandwich, right?

Dare to go Vegan? With a “Saucy” ad 🔥 like this one, many people might consider going for the plant-based chicken instead of the regular. Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are teaming up with Daring Plant Chicken in the company's new “Saucy” campaign – releasing an intimate photoshoot produced by fashion great Ellen von Unwerth.

Hard to refuse! When Mountain Dew 🥤 decides to add alcohol and creates a hard seltzer with no added sugar, you just can’t say no. However, their recent commercial tells us to “Freak out responsibly”. Their commercial shows you just how far people would go for a sip of Hard MTN Dew. 

Time for tech

More toilet paper, fewer drivers. Walmart has started to use driverless trucks to transport products like plates, toilet paper, and Dixie cups to Sam’s Club stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Gatik has been operating self-driving trucks 🚚 for Walmart in the company’s headquarters city of Bentonville, Arkansas, since 2019. It went fully autonomous last year after initially employing a safety driver.

Omnichannel retail. Product data is not enough for omnichannel retail. The complex model needs much more data 📊 to offer a complete, unified brand experience to customers. In this article from RIS News, you can see how omnichannel retail and data work hand in hand.

Try it out. Don’t want to go to the store, but still want to try out shoes 👞 before making a purchase? Amazon’s got you covered. The retailer’s Shopping app allows customers to virtually try on shoes before buying them. With the help of AR technology, customers can see how the shoes could look on them. 

Expert advise

Saving up or spending money? We are living in a time of constant change and unpredictability. Some people are saving up due to big prices while others are enjoying their first lavishing vacations since the Pandemic. In Retail Wire’s discussion, "are consumers going to take a vacation from buying things?” Paula Rosenblum shared her point of view:


Online grocery shopping. Is online grocery shopping going to become more popular or have we seen the peak already? In another discussion on Retail Wire, Neil Saunders joined the discussion with an interesting opinion:


What customers like, want, and need

In or out? While we talk about the most recent trends and the most important things retailers should consider, shoppers keep on shopping. Are shoppers really interested in following the recent trends 📈 and does this have an impact on sales? The report from ProductsUp called The commerce shortfalls can answer these questions. 

Groceries and Pride. June is almost ending, but rainbows 🌈 are everywhere. However, what are grocery retailers really doing to support the LGBT community? Grocery Gazette shares each Pride initiative from various grocery retailers. 

Helping out. Walmart partners with Avanlee Care, an app that provides tools for caregivers of older adults. Now, caregivers can order groceries 🛒 and other products from Walmart directly in the Avanlee Care app. For Walmart, this partnership expands its customer base, while for Avanlee it provides a new tool that is helpful for its users.

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Campaign scoop Music and food. What do brand activations and eggs 🥚 have in common? Apparently, a lot. Just Eggs wants ...

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