Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #09

Campaign scoop

Grab them all! Increased interest in healthier food choices increased the consumption of plant-based foods. One brand, Peas of Heaven, decided to promote its plant-based products 🫒 in a funny and kind of quirky commercial. A man collecting plant-based sausages and hamburgers while floating on a harvested land. “Your favorite foods are now plant-based”. Are they?

Tastes so good. June is here and so is Pride 🏳️‍🌈 month. A lot of brands are practicing rainbow washing, while others are actually inclusive. One of the brands that wanted to show support with its new commercial is Cann. Partnered with Weedmaps, Cann created an amazing, super-inclusive commercial and song

Serving the latest technology

Watch and shop. Some of the most well-known brands sign up for Instacart’s new shoppable ad units. Unilever, Mondelēz, and PepsiCo are going to have shoppable videos 📹 in the Instacart. Shoppable videos integrate a sponsored video into the feed with a carousel of relevant products for the shopper to purchase.

Flying ice cream. Unilever is making everything in its power to supply ice cream 🍨 during this hot summer. After announcing its robotic approach to ice cream delivery just a few weeks ago, now the brand came with flying ice cream. Unilever has teamed up with drone delivery service Flytrex to deliver ice cream from the CPG giant’s “The Ice Cream Shop” virtual storefront.

Digital farmers market. Fresh groceries from farmers 🚜 ordered online? Where do we sign? Kroger partnered with Market Wagon, the farm-to-front-door platform, to create a digital farmers market. The platform will offer shoppers fresh, local products from farmers and small businesses. At the moment, the platform will be available in Atlanta and it will be a delivery-only service. 

Experts know best

Convenience and automation. In Retail Wire’s discussion about Convenience stores that need to automate or get left behind, Mark Ryski made a great point: 


Do the math! Shoppers are not always aware of how much they actually save up when they buy products that have a percentage off the price. During the discussion on Retail Wire, Neil Saunders shared his point of view:

Battling the inflation

Highest shop prices. The rise in inflation has impacted every sector of the economy. However, it seems that shop prices hit their highest level in more than a decade last month. NielsenIQ head of retailer and business insight Mike Watkins stated: 

“It is likely to get worse before it gets better for consumers with prices continuing to rise and a further jump in energy costs coming in October. With little sign that the cost burden on retailers will ease any time soon, they will be left with little room for maneuver, especially those whose supply chains are affected by lockdowns in China and the war in Ukraine.”

Searching for solutions. In an effort to help shoppers amid the cost-of-living crisis, Asda releases Just Essentials. The range of products is a budget-friendly alternative and it comprises of 293 products. 

“We’ve developed Just Essentials by Asda to offer our customers the same value they know and love from our Smart Price range, but across a much larger and more diverse range of products, and with a bold brand that is hard to miss.”

Sam Dickson, Vice President Own Brand Asda

Slicing the price. Another retail that understands the current struggles regarding cost-of-living is Giant Eagle. In an attempt to offer more affordable products, Giants Eagles has rolled out a new pricing initiative for its myPerks members that offers savings of up to 20% on more than 1000 products. 

“The past two years have been challenging for our communities and we recognize that value has become a necessity for our guests who are trying to maintain their budgets,” said Jannah Jablonowski, Giant Eagle spokesperson.


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