Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #08

Campaign Scoop

Always refreshing. What do you do when you mistakenly eat the spiciest peppers? How about when you fall asleep in the Sun? Sprite’s latest commercial shows that the cold, refreshing beverage is there for you when 🔥 “Heat Happens”. 

The Naked Taste. What’s the best way to show that your beverage is “Au Naturel”, unfiltered and with a strong taste? Well, Stella Artois reveals a lot during their commercial. Naked people 🔞 and Unfiltered beer seem to go hand in hand. 

Passing the mic. Not exactly a campaign or a commercial, but definitely news worth sharing: Pepsi has officially decided to pass the mic 🎤 and will no longer be the sponsor of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Seems like the end of an era, right? 

All eyes on Tech

Google preparing for “Omnibuyers”: Times are changing and tech companies need to keep up! During their annual Marketing Live event, Google announced that they are making altering core features like search 🔎 because they want to focus on visual media and commerce

“Let me be clear: It’s not about virtual worlds. It’s about making the real world better today by bringing in the best of what the digital world has to offer to the real world,” said Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler

Drone delivery. Your order is here! Walmart wants to deliver over 1M packages per year with the help of drones 🛸. The retail chain is expanding its drone delivery services to 34 new locations in the United States, by the end of this year. 

Social commerce and funny filters. Snapchat is no longer just about making silly photos 📱 and sharing them with friends. Now, Snapchat announced that users can share their eBay listings. When users share their listings, the app will generate an eBay sticker. 

Sharing the Expertise

Perfectly imperfect. Retailers generate 10.5M tons of surplus food. Considering this, the Retail Wire’s discussion couldn’t come at a better time: Is now the perfect time for grocers to sell imperfect food? 🍏 Dave Bruno’s opinion stood out and showed us that it is all about perception. 

Uncertain Retail.
The retail sector is facing a lot of challenges, but uncertainty 🤔 seems to be the perfect word to describe the current situation. Andrew Busby shared a great article on this topic. Give it a read! 

The state of retail 

Food security. The last two years have been filled with uncertainty and challenges. That’s why most people are looking for certainty and security🔒. The Co-op Food boss Jo Whitfield made a statement that most people surely resonate with: ‘Government must protect food security and provide cost-of-living help’

Dollar stores and the inflation. Due to the high cost of living, people are changing their shopping habits. While many people are just sticking to the basic necessities, others turn to Dollar stores🪙 to purchase more, at a lower price. This can be seen as the shares of Dollar General and Dollar Tree popped up in the last week. 

Podcast alert. Since we are talking about the state of retail, we’d like to recommend a podcast episode 🎧 from The Backroom that can shed some light on the matter. Find out more about how shoppers are dealing with the rise of inflation and what retailers should expect in the upcoming months. 

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