Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #07

Campaign scoop

Audio advertising. When talking about keeping consumers engaged with ads, audio has strengths other platforms lack. A new report from Audacy breaks down what audio disruptors are doing today to take an audio approach that encompasses podcasts, radio, and more.

Unbox the icon. Various influencers and celebrities were invited to create their iconic snack boxes. Martha Stewart partnered up with Frito-Lay Variety Packs to share her love for sour cream and cheddar. Sounds yummy to us!

Tech & magic

Analytics in retail. Nowadays data and analytics are helping the retailer to augment its creative processes with a deep understanding of its customers. Led by digital, revenue growth was 13% compared to the prior year, Tapestry’s results are 'well ahead' of expectations.

Analytics Unite 2022. Executives from today’s leading consumer goods companies join the speaker lineup for 'The Summit for Retail and Consumer Goods Brands', held June 21-23 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. Analytics Unite’s purpose is to dig into the tactics that retailers and CGs can use to Accelerate Growth, Talent, and Innovation to meet the needs of today’s new consumers.

Expert news

SMB retailers. 91% of small- to medium-sized retailers feel they have a significant disadvantage versus larger chains in managing supply chain disruption. One survey found that 30% don’t have access to alternative or new shipping options and 41% are unable to pay premium shipping prices.

To iPod or not to iPod? Many fans still use iPods because most versions offer “no distractions” or temptations to check social media, so they poured their hearts out on social media upon hearing that Apple planned to discontinue its last remaining iPod, the iPod Touch.

Food & drinks


Rethinking refreshments. While consumers drastically increased alcoholic beverage consumption​ during the COVID-19 pandemic, a report​ by Kantar estimated that 20% of Gen Z and Millennials increased the demand for low- and no-alcohol beverages. This drove innovation in a range of non-alcoholic categories, including carbonated soft drinks, sparkling waters, or RTD mocktails.

End-to-end supply chain. Establishing supply chain transparency requires collaboration between all stakeholders, but companies should first start by focusing on integrating traceability into internal operations. This is the first step towards improving our ability to feed the planet!

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