Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #05

Campaign corner

Flamin’ Hot. Mountain Dew’s activation turned the heat up. MTN DEW Flamin’ Hot 🔥 hosted an amazing party in the only place on Earth that matches its energy: The town of Hell, Michigan. Rapper and chef Action Bronson prepared Flamin’ Hot-themed snacks, dishes, and beverages for VIP attendees who came for this experience at the MTN DEW Flamin’ Hot Grill.

More drinks, fewer stereotypes. Heineken comes with another witty and supportive campaign. After signing a multi-year sponsorship deal with the UEFA Women's Champions League and UEFA Women's Euros ⚽, Heineken is trying to tackle gender bias with a new TV commercial and digital campaign. Cheers to All Fans, Men Included

Time for technology

Robotic ice cream. Unilever never fails to amaze its shoppers. Now, the CPG brand is going to take the virtual direct-to-consumer (DTC) ice cream storefront, The Ice Cream Shop 🍨, on the road. This summer, Unilever plans to deploy a fleet of Robomart on-demand mobile mini-marts on the streets of Los Angeles. Shoppers will be able to hail the Robomarts to their location using a mobile app. 

Check out the advertising! Coborn is partnering with MessageWrap to transform its grocery conveyor belts into dynamic billboards for marketing messages and advertising. The content displayed on the belts will include the latest promotions 🏪, along with loyalty programs and food facts. 

Future of the Metaverse. In the latest episode of the Tech Transformation Podcast, Mike Proulx, VP Research Director at Forrester Research, shared the future of the Metaverse 🖥️ and what it means for both retailers and consumer goods. This podcast offers details about how retailers can prepare for what’s coming regarding the Metaverse.

Sharing the Expertise

Controversial topics. In other not-so-fun and innovative news, the abortion controversy in the United States impacts more industries and retailers need to know how to navigate it gracefully. In Retail Wire’s discussion about how retailers should navigate this difficult topic, Bob Phibbs, aka the Retail Doctor, made a great point. 



Buy now, go into debt later. The buy now, pay later, is a double-edged sword. It might be a good idea to purchase a necessary product now and pay for it later, but it could also lead to a big amount of debt. This is what’s happening with the Gen Z shoppers at the moment. Thank you, Steve Dennis, for sharing! 

Food and the cost of living

Setting the priorities straight. The cost-conscious shoppers are starting to avoid shopping for products that are not necessary right now. New research shows that customers are prioritizing groceries 📃, gas, and household items over other expenses in an attempt to reduce the cost of living. Also, shoppers have returned to the old habit of cooking and dining at home instead of going out or ordering. 

Home delivery costs. After talking about the profitability 💵 of home delivery services, Sainsbury decided to up the prices for their services by 30%. The retailer mentioned that they want to provide more flexible options for delivery and still maintain the quality of their services and that’s why the increase in price was necessary. 

Looking for the discount. Costs are rising everywhere we look, but that doesn’t mean that our lifestyle 🎂 should change. At least that is what Aldi’s CEO stated. Giles Hurley mentioned that shoppers should “change their supermarket, not their lifestyle”. He also reaffirmed the promise to deliver the lowest prices “no matter what”. 

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