Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #16

Campaign corner

La dolce vita. It’s time to live your best life. At least that’s what Velveeta is preaching in their commercial. Short, funny, and exuberant. These words can describe both the campaign and the lifestyle “recommended” by Velveeta. 

The perfect workout. Liquid Death did it again! After their campaign with pornstar Cherie DeVille, the brand decided to step it up. Looking for the perfect workout? Look no more because here’s Bert Kreischer and he is ready to show you a workout you would never expect. Yes, it is just as funny as you are imagining. And yes, it doesn’t seem like advertising, but like something you might want to watch more than once (5 to be exact, don’t judge!). 

Retail Technology takes the spotlight

In-chat Payment. Shopping for products on Instagram is going to become even easier. Shoppers love social commerce and Meta knows that. This is why the company decided to implement a new feature called payment-in-chat. Qualified small businesses on Instagram can directly convert customer inquiries and interests directly into purchases using Meta Pay.

Drone delivery. Amazon is extending its Prime Air drone delivery service to Texas. Lockeford, California was the first place selected by Amazon to deliver the first orders with the help of drones. Now, the retail giant announce the expansion of the program to Texas. 

Automation for Retail Media Network. Brands from Walmart’s retail media network have a new artificial intelligence option for automating and optimizing ad management. This AI option was developed with the help of CommerceIQ and it offered automated management of sponsored products and sponsored brand amplifier advertising for CPG brands.

Time to hear it from the experts

Weekly groceries. Will more Americans make e-grocery shopping a weekly habit? This was the topic of one of RetailWire’s discussions. Gary Sankary shares a great point of view. 

Performance marketing and DTC. Everywhere you are looking prices have risen. This is also the case for performance marketing and it seems that it became too pricey for brands to pursue DTC. Here’s what Neil Saunders had to say: 

Grocery prices and food accessibility

High prices. Prices continue to rise and have reached an all-time high. Grocery prices increased by 12.2% in the last period. This, of course, has a negative impact on customers’ behavior.

“Consumers can cope with both moderate price rises over a long period and sharp price rises for very short durations. Managing hefty inflation over a sustained time frame – which is where we are now – is much more challenging,”

Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail

Food and nutrition recommendations. The Food Industry Association (FMI) outlined more than 20 preliminary recommendations for the White House. These recommendations focus on food and nutrition, with an emphasis on ways to improve accessibility and affordability.

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