Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #15

Campaign scoop

Thor’s Love for OldSpice. Playing Thor on stage is a hard job and without Old Spice, it seems almost impossible. In this commercial for Old Spice, Fake Thor confesses his love for its role and for lavender. As the commercial states: It takes thick skin to embody the God of Thunder, but that skin still needs moisturizing. 

Moving great meat. Oscar Mayer is using an interesting strategy to promote its products. It is bringing the products to the customers, in a fun way: with the help of a Weinermobile. Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers, Ketchup Kaitlyn and Benny Buns bring Wienermobile to various cities in the US. 

Caramelicious. Did you know that Aussies love Caramilk? Well, the brand knew and that’s why it sponsored 1000 Aussies to become human adverts. In this funny commercial, you can see how true fans of the caramel chocolate promote this sweet product to others on the streets. 

Let’s get technical

Tech adoption. While we’ve talked about the power of AR and how it can help lower returns, this new report shows that only a few are willing to try it out. Virtual experience positively impacts purchase decisions, but only 20% of U.S. adults online are comfortable using content within those spaces. However, the younger generation seems eager to try new things, especially if they involve virtual and augmented reality. 

The last-mile. More and more people are ordering online and expect delivery to be fast. Taking that into account, Walmart decided to purchase 4500 all-electric delivery vehicles. Starting 2023, Walmart is going to be using these delivery vehicles to fulfill e-commerce orders. 

Biometric data. Unlocking your phone with facial recognition is no longer novelty. However, brands are already thinking about how to use biometric data to offer more personalized experiences. Maybe in the future, brands will use facial recognition to customize offers to consumers as they walk by virtual billboards or when they enter a store. 

Let’s hear it from the experts

Customer acquisition. It seems that customer acquisition is getting more challenging for retailers. In a discussion on RetailWire, Steve Dennis shared his opinion on the topic. 



Homecooked meals. The Pandemic made us find joy in the little things, like cooking. Now, while people still cook at home, they no longer enjoy it as they used to. Can grocers do something about this? Here’s what Zel Bianco had to say on the topic. 

Great initiatives from grocers

Cooling off. During the hot summer days, one grocery retailer found a great way to cool off the shoppers. Iceland creates a ‘chill out zone’. After noticing that many customers come to the store to cool off during the heat strokes in the UK, Iceland decided to turn this into an experience. The chill-out zone is an in-store installation that features deckchairs, a cooling spray, and complimentary ice lollies.

Offering support. People have started to cut out costs due to the rising inflation. Some grocery retailers like Asda and Morrisons are offering support to families during the summer holidays. Both retailers have kids' lunches at special prices and even free when an adult lunch is purchased. 

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