Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #14

Campaign scoop

A true commercial mash-up. What would be the weirdest combination of brands to promote their products? This commercial from Arby’s and Old Spice might just be the best brand mash-up we’ve seen. Curious to see what a fast-food brand and a personal care brand can do in a single commercial? Take a look!

Done proper. What happens when you ask Sir Patrick Stewart to give a speech on a colleague’s last day at the office? Well, you can expect it to be done proper. Just like the Yorkshire Tea. This funny commercial shows how things should be done.

Technology time

Amazon’s Analytics. Amazon just released its newest analytic tool, Store Analytics. This tool provides anonymous and aggregated data about which products shoppers are discovering, considering, and purchasing. Store Analytics can help brands improve in-store performance and marketing.

Misfits adds autocart. Online grocery shopping should be convenient and easy. That’s why Misfits just added a new feature that adds items its technology predicts people are likely to order in shoppers’ carts. This way, customers can order their favorite products without having to spend time looking for them in the app. 

Virtual shopping and Metaverse. The virtual shopping experience is just the first level of Metaverse! Virtual shopping experiences are a precursor to what a fully interoperable metaverse could be. Shoppers will have very immersive experiences but still won’t have the ability to move freely between virtual environments with their belongings.

Expert opinion

The power of analytics. In one of Retail Wire’s discussions, retail experts shared their opinions on Amazon’s store analytics. Liza Amlani made a great point:


Time for funny campaigns. Are customers looking for brands with a sense of humor? In this Retail Wire discussion, Jeff Sward shared a great perspective on the relationship between consumers and brands. 

What shoppers want

Shopping predictions. Food Industry Association’s (FMI) newest report explores the main disruptions around how people eat, what they eat, and how they get food. From fragmenting grocery spending to speeding up meal preps, the FMI showed 6 customer trends retailers should pay attention to. 

Landing a helping hand. Innit­ has introduced an online tool that grocers can incorporate to help customers save money on weekly meals. The algorithm allows shoppers to select meals with more affordable ingredients added automatically to their digital carts from retailer websites.

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