Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #12

Campaign scoop

Gold Lions. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity took place just a few days ago and Ogilvy managed to receive 5 Cannes Gold Lions. One of those Gold Lions was awarded for a campaign with a simple, yet powerful message: the toxicity of social media. The campaign, Reverse Selfie, for Dove showed the negative impact of social media and retouching photos. 

Live the best life. Halle Berry and the Old Gays appear in a bubbly campaign for Bev. The brand asked the “timeless Pride icons” how they live the best life. “Serving Pride” is a colorful and playful commercial for the brand during Pride month. 

Let’s get technical

New form of retail. What if the best of the shopping experience could come to the shopper? Enjoy Technology wants to bring the store to the houses of the shoppers. However, since 2015, the company managed to open 650 mobile stores in North America and now it’s facing bankruptcy. Now, we can’t help but wonder: Is this a new form of retail or is it too early to say? 

Digital search tool. Don’t know if your store has the item you wanted to shop for? Now you might be able to find out even if you are on your way to the mall already. Simon Property Group is testing a search platform that allows shoppers to find in-stock items before or during their trip to the mall. 

AR for the win. Customers want to be able to shop online and try out the products at the same time. Thankfully, this is possible with the help of AR tech and it seems that AR is really beneficial for both shoppers and retailers. Shoppers who use AR are less likely to return products. 

Time for expert advice

Podcast alert: The Season 4 finale of the Remarkable Retail podcast is here. Thank you, Steve Dennis, for sharing. 

Trust issues? Are retailers and consumers misaligned on trust? This is the subject of one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Businesses seem to believe that consumers trust them more than they actually do. Jeff Sward shared a great perspective: 

Rising cost-of-living impact

Strong influences. While consumers have started to cut costs by shopping less and focusing only on essentials, it seems that there are still ways to influence their purchase decisions. Social media and advertising still have a great impact on sales, but so does affordability. 48% of consumers are more likely to shop from a brand that has consistently lower prices.

Shopping behavior has changed. Inflation has impacted shopper behavior. Now, more shoppers are purchasing own-brand products and are turning to loyalty programs and coupons to save up money. 

Back to basics. When prices go high, shoppers stop buying online. In an effort to cut costs, customers are no longer ordering as much as they were. Online grocery sales in May increased only by 1.7% compared to the same month last year. The increased focus among shoppers on costs could drive demand toward pick-up. 

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