Shopper Marketing Weekly Snacks #10

Campaign scoop

Blind Taste Test. How to show that people appreciate your flavored sparkling water? A blind taste test. In this blind taste test, 17 people tried out Liquid Death’s flavored sparkling water and some of the most expensive beverages in the world. The comparison wasn’t really fair if you ask us. Watch the video to see the results. Spoiler alert: some people didn’t feel too good after “enjoying” the expensive beverages. 

Enjoy a cold Vasectomy. Remember Aviation’s commercial Vasectomy from last year? For Father’s day, the commercial was recreated. Who better to get show a Vasectomy rather than Nick Cannon, father of 8. We’re talking about the cocktail. What were you thinking about? Watch the funny and bubbly commercial

Retail tech at its best

Tackle food waste. Retailers generate 10.5M tons of surplus food, nearly 35% of which goes to landfills or is incinerated as waste. In an effort to combat this problem, Microsoft and Co-op teamed up and created a platform called Caboodle. The new platform will allow supermarkets, and restaurants to connect with community groups and volunteers to redistribute surplus food.

Cultivated meat. Yes, we know how weird it sounds, but this seems to be the future. SciFi Foods might be the first company to produce cell-cultivate meat with the help of CRISPR gene-editing technology. Their first products are going to be a combination of plant-based proteins and cultured beef. SciFi indeed!

Retail Media. Dollar General focuses on serving often overlooked rural communities via its enhanced retail media network, DGMN. This retail media network provides access to real-time data and enables advertisers to both digitally and physically build awareness and drive purchase consideration.

Experts share their knowledge

Post-car suburbs? In an interesting discussion on Retail Wire, experts shared their opinions regarding how retailers can prepare to serve customers in post-car suburbs. Shep Hyken shared a great point of view: 

Shep Hyken quote


Off-pricers. Are off-pricers holding a glass that is half-full or half-empty? In this discussion on Retail Wire, Jeff Sward shared his opinion: 

Jeff Sward quote

News in the retail world

Retail and the environment. In case you missed the memo, retail is bad for the environment and there’s no such thing as an environmentally-friendly company. Unfortunately, making a change is not easy, but this doesn’t mean retailers shouldn’t try. Discover more in this piece from Retail Dive.

Grocery stores and dull music. Even wonder why elevators and grocery stores have boring music? To relax you. Oh, and to get you to spend more time in-store. We’re talking about the grocery stores now, the elevator music was just for relaxation. However, retailers have been using dull music to keep customers relaxed and encourage them to spend more time in-store.

Promotion effectiveness. Inflation is through the roof and people are trying to save up as much as possible. Considering this, many retailers need to focus on the effectiveness of promotions

“An appealing shopping environment, displays that make the product pop, and persuasive promotions are necessary to get more items into the basket when consumers do shop,” said Marshal Cohen, chief retail industry advisor for NPD


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