Tokinomo Raises a €700,000 Seed Round from EGV and a Group of Angel Investors

We’re very happy to announce that Tokinomo raised a seed round of over €700,000, from EGV and a group of angel investors, mostly part of TechAngels.

The round is one of the largest syndicated investments made by a group of angels in Romania.

“Tokinomo builds a robotic customer engagement platform that collects data directly from the shelf and, at the same time, generates immediate sales results. The benefits are both immediate and long-term.” said Dan Calugareanu, EGV Partner.

“The technology delivers results, the business model is scalable, the team is dedicated and enthusiastic. We have every reason to believe that Tokinomo will cover all continents in just one year.”

“I was pleasantly surprised by the interest our company has enjoyed among investors,” said Ionut Vlad, founder and CEO of Tokinomo.

“Finally, we raised more money from the market than we intended, but the quality of those willing to invest in Tokinomo made us say “yes” wholeheartedly. Now we look to the future: we want to accelerate growth, enter as many markets, and develop the technology so that we become the number one customer engagement infrastructure in the global market.”

Tokinomo is a customer engagement platform (increasing sales in stores and hypermarkets through customer interaction), which consists of a series of robots placed on the shelves and a web platform that allows their management and the generation of reports and analyses in real-time.

The results of the Tokinomo’s technology are spectacular, the company generating an average of 200% sales growth, according to data obtained from brands and retailers.

"Tokinomo generates an average of 200% sales growth, according to data obtained from brands and retailers."


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