In-store Marketing: How to Boost and Track Retail Sales

Over the past decades, not much has changed in the retail world when it comes to techniques used to increase sales. Same-old in-store marketing methods, as well as somewhat boring merchandising tricks, just to slightly boost sales.

It’s enough to take a quick walk through your closest supermarket and you’ll see the same thing: display booths, maybe some product demos here and there, and some sample offerings. Pretty dull, we’d say. 

Such techniques basically compete for the customer’s attention, not to mention that they are far from being efficient, barely obtaining sales increases by over 20%. 

But this is already yesterday’s news. 

In 2020, you can take advantage of way more efficient methods of boosting retail sales, while also tracking them more efficiently. 

Let’s take a few moments and discuss how it’s done.

1. Greet customers properly

A bit surprising this first entry on our list, right?

Well, that’s because this is the moment when the purchasing process can actually begin. And to step up your in-store marketing game, the first thing you need to do is make a good impression.

The greeting is the very first thing a customer will experience in the store, setting the stage for the experience he or she is about to have.

We know, it may sound a bit difficult to implement this into a supermarket but this is where retail tech can help you be creative. For example, did you know that 40% of shoppers who see a Tokinomo campaign report remembering the name of the product on display?

"40% of shoppers who see a Tokinomo campaign report remembering the name of the product on display."

Remember, in retail, the first impression lasts.

2. Upgrade your in-store visuals game

I’m sure you agree with us that people won’t buy unappealing products. This is why powerful in-store visuals are a must. But hey, we’re now talking about your average models, just showcasing the product, its name and maybe the price. No, we’re talking about something that attracts potential customers from the very first moment.

Consider multi-dimensional displays, with varied visual elements, while also maintaining a focal point, so people can immediately figure out which items or details they should focus on. And always keep things neat and tidy.

Oh, and try making your visuals useful or even interactive. Seeing your products in action or allowing shoppers to give them a try to get you a lot of bonus points. 

3. Engage the shopper’s senses

We’ve already established that the visuals in the store are clearly important, as their main purpose is to engage the customer. But you shouldn’t stop here. Go for even more…senses!

Let’s get back to the basics a bit. 

One of the main reasons customers still prefer shopping in-store is because they can see, feel and even try the products they are interested in. And yes, the majority of in-store marketing techniques rely on visuals, but you can take everything one step further. 

Pick a playlist, considering the atmosphere you want to create throughout the place, as well as your specific audience. Go further and try a scent that most people like, then offer hands-on experiences. Retail technology is making huge progress and allows you to create such engaging environments that create a sense of familiarity among your customers when it comes to your brand. 

4. Work with the right people

Sometimes, it’s the store employees or promoters who are doing the selling, not just the way the products are presented. That’s why we always recommend brands to invest in their staff more if one of their goals is to boost retail sales. 

As Mike Eden, owner of The Ultra Gear Shop puts it, you need to “hire smart” and “make sure that every member of your team wants to be there and are passionate about and know their products.”

Simply put, when building your team you need to consider three important aspects: hire passionate people, train them to create great buying experiences for each and every customer, empower your sales associates to interact with those interested in your products. 

5. Generate some buzz

…or make some noise, but without pushing the limits. 

Whenever you launch a new campaign, a new product or want to boost sales for an existing product, make sure you let customers – and potential ones, of course – know about it. 

In a nutshell, when it comes to retail marketing, the idea is to get any free coverage you can possibly get. You can start, for example, by participating in community events, organizing meetings or networking sessions in the store or coming up with a one of a kind promo event that can get people to talk about you. 

As soon as your buzz-generating moment makes it online, you’re one step closer to boosting your retail sales significantly. 

We know, in-store marketing is probably one of those aspects a lot of store owners and brands tend to let slip down. But the truth is that it’s something that needs working on every day. After all, the more effort you put into it, the more visitors you can convert into paying customers. 

And why not, even turn them into real brand evangelists!


These are just a few, yet highly effective methods you can use to boost, and also track retail sales. And this list could go on! After all, all it needs is a bit of creativity. 

Tokinomo aims to fully transform in-store marketing: brands that have installed Tokinomo in stores have obtained an average increase in sales of over 200%. 

Thanks to our powerful, state of the art cloud-based interface, every aspect of your in-store marketing campaign can be controlled, no matter what device you’re using or where you are located. 

After setting up Tokinomo in the store, the campaigns’ performance can be monitored in real-time, not to mention making adjustments when needed, thus allowing you to improve performance, for the best results.

Are you a brand retailer or distributor, looking forward to finding more about how our system works? Get in touch with us!

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