Scan-and-go checkout, NRF Show, and Consumer behavior - Weekly Snacks #40

Campaign scoop

M&M Lovin’. In this commercial, Maya Rudolph, a big fan of M&M's, shared that many people, including her, love her. To highlight this, she presented a pie chart displaying the majority of people love her. As a result of this commonality, she announced that her face will be printed on all M&M's packaging. She expressed her delight in eating candy bearing her own likeness and conveyed her love for it.

Baja Blast. Mountain Dew just released a hot sauce that is inspired by the popular "Baja Blast" flavor of the soda. The sauce is made with real habanero peppers and will be available for purchase online. This is not the first time that Mountain Dew has released a hot sauce, but it is the first time it has released one inspired by the Baja Blast flavor. The sauce is aimed at fans of this soda who are looking for a new way to enjoy the familiar taste.

Retail technology

Scan-and-go checkout. This technology allows customers to scan items as they shop using their mobile devices, and then pay for them through the store's app. The scan-and-go checkout is seen as a way for grocers to compete with Amazon and other e-commerce companies, as well as to improve the shopping experience for customers. However, some grocers are concerned about the cost of implementing such technology and the potential loss of jobs due to self-checkout.

Technology at the NRF.  Here are 6 of the biggest tech updates at the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2022 event. The updates include: 1) advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, 2) the growing use of virtual and augmented reality in retail, 3) the increasing adoption of voice-enabled technology, 4) the growth of "smart" stores, 5) the expansion of contactless payments, and 6) the development of new delivery and logistics technologies. The NRF 2022 event showcased how these technologies are being used by retailers to improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, and drive sales.

Expert advice

Diving down inflation. “Will consumer resistance to higher prices likely be the primary factor driving down inflation?” This is the topic of one of the latest discussions on RetailWire where various retail experts shared their thoughts on the topic. Here’s what Jeff Sward mentioned: 

Post-downturn recovery.  “Should retailers prepare for a post-downturn recovery in their hiring, spending, and strategizing?” This is one of the topics debated by retail experts in one of RetailWire’s discussions. This is what Peter Charness on the topic: 

Consumer behavior and trends

DTC Trends. This article discusses the trend of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) retail, where companies sell their products directly to consumers, bypassing traditional retail channels. The article highlights several trends in DTC retail, including the growing popularity of subscription-based models, the use of social media for marketing and sales, and the increasing importance of data and analytics in understanding consumer behavior. 

Consumer behavior. This article focuses on showing how consumer behavior is going to change in 2023. Consumers will continue to prioritize safety, convenience, and value, with an increased focus on online shopping, contactless payments, and curbside pickup. The article also highlights the shift in consumer spending towards essentials and home goods, as well as the growing trend of conscious consumerism and sustainability. It also notes the importance of retailers being agile, and flexible and adapting to the changes in consumer behavior, to be able to attract and retain customers in the long term.

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