Same-day delivery, Holiday spending, and omnichannel retailing - Weekly Snacks #72

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Dog owners understand. When a dog snores loudly, its owner willingly gives up valuable bed space to ensure their furry friend enjoys a peaceful slumber. This may appear unconventional to some, but Jinx understands that true dog enthusiasts can relate. The pet company proudly presents its eco-friendly salmon dog food, guaranteeing it as the ideal selection for genuine dog lovers.

Wild enough. In the latest advertisements, customers are portrayed as going to extreme measures to obtain wild eggs from eagle, ostrich, and even alligator nests. However, with Pete & Gerry's Pasture-Raised eggs, consumers don't need to venture into the wilderness to acquire the freshest, top-quality eggs. They can conveniently purchase them from the supermarket shelf, with the assurance that Pete & Gerry's Certified Humane Pasture-Raised hens have access to at least 108 square feet of lush pastures where they can freely roam, forage, and explore under sunny skies.

Time for retail tech


Same-day delivery. Books-A-Million is partnering with Walmart GoLocal, Walmart's white-label delivery service, to offer same-day and next-day deliveries. Initially, this service will roll out in the Midwest and Southeast markets, eventually expanding nationwide across their 231 stores. Customers who order before 3 p.m. will receive same-day delivery, while orders placed after will arrive the following day. To access this service, Books-A-Million customers can order in-stock items like books, toys, games, and collectibles online and select the "same-day delivery" option during checkout.

Reducing food waste. Data analytics plays a pivotal role in the food industry by enhancing traceability and reducing waste. It enables rigorous tracking of food products from farm to table and optimizes processes, such as cutting techniques for meat, to minimize waste and environmental impact. In addition, data-driven insights help retailers tailor recipes, manage inventory, monitor shelf life, and implement proactive stock rotation, ultimately creating a more sustainable and efficient food system that benefits all stakeholders.

Expert opinion

Omnichannel Retailing. Do you see the “halo effect,” “brand synergy,” and omnichannel reach helping revive the viability of shopping malls? Is talk of “dying shopping malls” an oversimplification, or does it hold some merit? These were the question that retail experts needed to answer in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Here’s what Mark Ryski mentioned: 


Holiday spending. Do the findings from Celigo’s report indicate a shift in consumer behavior compared to past years? Do you think this holiday season will be better or worse than previous years, and how will inflation play a role? Various retail experts answered these questions in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. This is what Michael Zakkour stated: 


In other news…

Robotics in retail. Automation and robotics hold significant potential within the grocery sector. Innovations such as self-checkout and AI-powered inventory control are enabling retailers to refine their product displays and automate repetitive tasks, especially in a climate where sourcing labor has become challenging. Discover how Walmart banks on stores. 

Holiday sales predictions. Holiday sales are predicted to grow by 3.0% year-over-year in November and December, largely driven by e-commerce and mail-order sales, totaling nearly $915 billion. However, when adjusted for inflation, real U.S. holiday retail sales growth is expected to be sluggish at just 1.0%, the lowest in years. Retailers are facing challenges such as higher interest rates and inflation but may benefit from increased consumer spending power. To navigate these challenges, retailers are advised to start early, emphasize value messages, personalize offerings with AI, and use stores to support online growth.

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