Retail Media, Grocers Predictions, and the Super Bowl - Weekly Snacks #42

Campaign Corner 

Super Bowl Numbers. In preparation for this year's Super Bowl LVII, Heinz Ketchup is highlighting the confusion caused by the use of Roman numerals in the advertising of big games. The food company is pointing out that "LVII represents 57" and encouraging consumers to cast their vote against the use of Roman numerals for a chance to win a rare ketchup bottle.

Avocados from Mexico. The brand Avocados from Mexico's Super Bowl advertisement features actress Anna Faris. The ad showcases the versatility of avocados by highlighting various recipes and uses for the fruit. This is Avocados from Mexico's sixth consecutive year of advertising during the Super Bowl and the brand's aim is to reach a wide audience and emphasize the quality and taste of their products.

Retail technology news

Grocers predictions 2023. The impact of the pandemic on consumer behavior is noted, with a shift towards online grocery shopping and increased demand for convenience. Grocers are advised to prioritize investments in technology, such as online ordering and delivery, to meet changing consumer habits and stay competitive. Personalized experiences, high-quality products, reducing food waste, and a focus on sustainability are also seen as important factors for success. 2023 is expected to be a year of continued change and adaptation for the grocery industry, where success will be dependent on a combination of technology and customer focus.

Scan & Pay. Instacart launched a new solution called Scan & Pay. The solution allows customers to scan and pay for items using their mobile devices while shopping in-store, eliminating the need to wait in line at the checkout. The solution debuted with a New York City grocer and is part of Instacart's efforts to enhance the in-store shopping experience for customers. The Scan & Pay solution will also provide retailers with valuable data and insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Experts know best

Amazon’s grocery stores. “What changes need to be made if Amazon Fresh is going to convince consumers to switch grocery stores?” This is the topic of one of Retail Wire’s discussions where various retail experts shared their thoughts. Here’s what Neil Saunders mentioned: 

The year of recession. “What factors do you think will have the greatest impact on retail industry performance for the balance of 2023?” This is the topic of one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Top retail experts shared their opinion on the topic. Here’s what Jeff Sward mentioned: 

Superbowl and Retail media

Matching Superbowl. Super Bowl fans in 2023 match up with grocery stores. Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest grocery shopping days of the year, with many fans buying food and drinks to enjoy while watching the game. The trend of consumers looking for convenience and easy meal options leads many grocery stores to offer pre-made snacks and meals. The rise of e-commerce and delivery services has changed the way people shop for Super Bowl essentials, with many opting for online ordering and delivery instead of in-store shopping. 

Retail Media. While retail media marketing, which refers to the use of a retailer's own media channels to promote products and services, has become increasingly popular, it also raises concerns over data privacy, brand safety, and ad fraud. It is important for retailers to carefully manage their media channels and ensure that their advertising is trustworthy, relevant, and in line with consumer privacy regulations. Retailers must prioritize transparency and accountability in their retail media marketing efforts to build consumer trust and ensure the success of their campaigns.

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