Retail display: Promoting your products in-store

Brick and mortar retail has grown a lot in the past few years. It adopted various technologies to keep up with the demands of shoppers, but it still relies on some traditional tools and solutions for product promotion. 

In today’s article, we are going to focus on one of those solutions: the retail display. POS displays have been used for many years to showcase and promote products or to highlight various types of promotions. Let’s dive deeper into this subject and see what retail displays have in-store for us. 

What is a retail display?

A retail display is anything used to showcase and promote a product in-store. There are various types of retail displays, depending on the type of product displayed and the purpose of the campaign. 

For visual merchandising, retail displays are essential. The retail displays are the first touchpoint between your shoppers and the products. Without these displays, you won’t be able to showcase and promote your products. Also, the best part about these displays is that they are customizable and easy to set up. 

Let’s see the most common retail displays used in grocery stores. 

Traditional retail displays

There are two types of traditional displays used in grocery stores and supermarkets:

Retail Shelving Display

These shelving displays utilize the space of the shelving units to showcase the products and interact with customers. Some of the top-performing retail shelving displays include: 

  • Shelf-talkers

ShelfTalkers are placed on the shelves, near the products. Depending on the type of product and shelf you have, the shelf talkers can be customized to best meet your needs.

  • End Caps

End caps are placed on the end of the aisle. These POP displays are great because they attract the attention of shoppers and they don’t even have to step foot on the aisle, they will spot your products immediately. 

  • Clip strips

Clip strips are glued to the shelves. They can be used to display smaller products that wouldn’t fit correctly on the shelves. This way, retailers can save up space and showcase complementary products. 

Standalone POP Display

Standalone POP displays are not connected to the shelves inside the retail store. They can be placed anywhere in the store and they provide extra space for display. 

The most common POP displays include: 

  • Free-standing displays

Free-standing displays act like shelves and can hold many products, depending on the dimensions selected. The main benefit of this display is that it can be placed anywhere in the store and it is very easy to customize.

  • Dump bins

No, you don’t throw junk in them. These dump bins are used to showcase various products. They can also be used for promotions and sales to hold products that are discounted. 

New and innovative retail displays

Times have changed and retailers are adapting to the technologization of the industry. That’s why you will also be able to see two retail displays that are more interactive and engaging.

  • Digital displays

A big step up from traditional cardboard displays, the digital display is a great tool for shopper marketing campaigns. It can be more engaging for customers because you can select an interactive digital display to showcase your products.

Last but definitely not least, the robotic retail display is the most innovative type of display available on the market. The robotic display is extremely engaging for shoppers because it brings products to life inside the brick and mortar stores. Instead of just promoting the products, it allows them to move, dance, talk, or sing. 


Another great advantage of using Tokinomo, the robotic POSM, is that you can monitor and manage the campaigns remotely, on the cloud-based platform. You can even change the message of the campaign in one store without intervening on-site. Retail displays are still powerful tools for visual merchandising and shopper marketing.

They can be customized to highlight your brand identity and they are great for various types of campaigns inside a brick and mortar store. Depending on your needs, products, and budget, you can choose the type of display that best suits you.

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