Online sales, Grocery digital path, and Multicultural aisles - Weekly Snacks #63

Campaign corner

Peculiar mural. Planters introduces its new line of flavored cashew snacks with an “interesting” commercial. In the video, a man is taken aback when he lays eyes on the mural his wife has chosen to create on the nursery wall for their baby. Instead of the previously agreed-upon elephant, the soon-to-be mother has opted to paint a pickle with human-like features, gently holding a Planters cashew in its embrace.

Award-winning commercial. One of the commercials from Superbowl that made all of us sob now might receive a well-deserved award. This commercial from Farmer’s Dog was nominated for an Emmy Award. Fingers crossed for Farmer’s Dog! Warning: Grab a tissue before watching the commercial again. 

Retail technology

Back-to-school tech. Shipt has introduced a new virtual shopping experience on Roblox, allowing users to browse and purchase school supplies within the gaming environment. This collaboration aims to enhance convenience and engage younger audiences by integrating e-commerce into the virtual gaming space.

US Online sales. There’s a significant growth in retail e-commerce sales in the United States. It reached the milestone of one trillion dollars. The increased consumer adoption of digital channels, improved e-commerce infrastructure, and the expansion of online marketplaces were some of the factors that impacted the accelerated growth of online shopping. 

Expert advice

Older generations. Are brands shortchanging older Americans in their product innovation efforts, or should the focus be on younger generations? Are there any broader themes underscoring the innovation opportunities targeting aging Boomers and their seniors? These are the questions that various retail experts answered in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Here’s what Mark Ryski mentioned: 


Understanding consumer behavior. How can retailers strike a balance between offering competitive discounts to attract customers while maintaining profitability? Are there any strategies that allow retailers to optimize discounts without sacrificing their bottom line? Various experts answered these questions in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. This is what Jeff Sward stated: 


Digital paths and “Ethnic aisles”

Grocery digital path. Regional grocers as facing various challenges as they strive to embrace digital innovation and compete with larger players in the industry. There’s a need for grocers to invest in new technologies and digital tools while maintaining their distinct hometown charm. Regional grocers can differentiate themselves by leveraging digital innovations that align with their existing strategies, such as digital menu boards, order-ahead functionality, and employee-focused apps.

Multicultural aisles. Grocers like Stop & Shop are reimagining the so-called ethnic aisle. Stop & Shop has expanded its "multicultural aisles" in four New York City stores, tailoring the product assortment to cater to the diverse demographics of each neighborhood. The initiative aims to provide a more organized and authentic shopping experience for customers seeking ingredients and products from different cultures. 

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