Livestream shopping, Retail media, and Tech-budget priorities - Weekly Snacks #77

Campaign scoop

Is it a commercial? Leslie David Baker and Phyllis Smith, former co-stars from The Office, share a casual moment while enjoying a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. During their snack, they are visited by BuzzBee, the mascot for Cheerios. BuzzBee is concerned that he might have missed his opportunity to promote the cereal's health benefits in a commercial. To his relief, Leslie quickly assures him that there's no need to worry. He proceeds to explain how Cheerios can effectively lower cholesterol levels. In contrast, Phyllis appears pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about the prospect of being in a commercial

Chest blaster. Liquid Death is urging fitness enthusiasts in their commercial to set aside their dumbbells and opt for a can of their water, which they describe as "the cutting-edge hydro-muscular workout tool of the 21st century." The company suggests that, instead of lifting weights, individuals engage in its Chest Blaster challenge, where they pump water. This not only promotes hydration but also offers a unique workout experience for weightlifters.

Time for retail technology

Livestream shopping. In response to the anticipated surge in livestream shopping, TalkShopLive has introduced its new mobile app, TalkShopLive Studio. This app, available for iOS users, allows for up to four participants in live broadcasts. It permits hosts to highlight and sell products, engage with their audience, and link their Shopify accounts for seamless streaming on Facebook Live. According to the company, the adoption of shoppable simulcasts has boosted sellers' sales by 20%, while viewership has seen a significant 33% increase when utilizing the TSL Content Distribution Network.

Retail media network. Amid the holiday planning season, Target is extending its Roundel retail media network in various ways. This expansion involves introducing a self-service buying tool, collaborating with premium programmatic publisher partners, and further exploring shoppable connected TV (CTV) during the peak gift-giving period.

Experts in retail

Gen Z shopping. Will the recent inflation spike become a transformative event in the lives of Gen Zers and alter their purchasing patterns going forward? Are young people in the near term feeling the impact of inflation more than older generations? These are the questions that various retail experts answered in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Here’s what Neil Saunders mentioned: 

Netflix store experience. What do you think of the potential for a Netflix House physical experience embracing shopping, eating, and playing? What can Netflix learn from Disney and other media giants on tapping merchandising and licensing opportunities around content? Various retail experts shared their thoughts about these questions in Retail Wire’s discussion. Brandon Rael mentioned this: 

In other news…

Tech budget priorities. In preparation for 2024, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are focusing on cost-cutting, with technology being the exception. Technology investments are expected to increase, although specific figures are yet to be determined. The industry is taking a cautious approach due to the macro-economic environment, but digital initiatives and business transformation remain top priorities, with a focus on strengthening digital infrastructure. Additionally, CPGs are increasingly incorporating generative AI and are looking to enhance sustainability efforts to align with consumer demands and brand differentiation. 

Protein-rich preferences. The demand for protein-rich products continues to grow as consumers prioritize protein in various forms throughout their diets. Research from Innova Market Insights indicates a 10% increase in the annual growth rate of new products with protein claims from 2017 to 2022. A recent survey by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) revealed that a high-protein diet is common among Americans, with 67% actively trying to incorporate more protein into their diets. This protein trend extends across grocery categories, from meat and poultry to dairy, plant-based alternatives, and even products in the snack, bakery, and cereal aisles. 

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