In-store payments, Grocery Growth, and Holiday Trends - Weekly Snacks #38

Campaign scoop

No Judgment. Drinking a cold beer at work might be satisfying, but not such a great idea. In this ad, Paul Rudd, who plays Marvel's Ant-Man, is seen placing a Heineken 0.0 non-alcoholic beer bottle beside one of his ant companions, Anton. Anton teases him for drinking on the job, but Ant-Man explains it's non-alcoholic. No judgment here, Ant-Men! 

Lovely Day. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. This ad features a family enjoying their morning breakfast, but it turns into a disappointment when their table breaks and their breakfast goes tumbling to the floor. Despite the setback, the family finds comfort in sipping some Tropicana juice. The ad highlights the brand's juice as a small bright spot in a less-than-perfect moment, suggesting that Tropicana can bring a little sunshine to any situation.

Retail technology news

Make-up Applicator. L'Oréal has developed a makeup applicator for people with limited mobility. The device, called My UV Patch, is a small, adhesive sensor that measures UV exposure and tracks its effects on the skin. The sensor will be integrated into a battery-powered applicator that can be controlled via a mobile app, allowing people with limited mobility to apply makeup with ease.

Store efficiencies. The Fresh Market, a specialty grocery store chain, is expanding its use of technology to improve store efficiencies. The company has entered into partnerships with several tech companies, including:

  • A partnership with Deliv for same-day and next-day grocery delivery services.
  • A partnership with Instacart for same-day and next-day grocery delivery services.
  • A partnership with Tango Card to offer e-gift cards that can be redeemed online or in-store.

Experts share their thoughts

In-store payments. Will scan & go, smart carts, mobile payments, or any other alternative payment method gain significant traction in 2023?” This is the topic of one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Retail experts shared their opinions on the matter. Here’s what Ken Morris said: 


Shopper fragmentation.
In our latest expert round-up, three retail influencers and experts shared their predictions for 2023. When asked about retail trends in 2023, here’s what Mike Anthony mentioned: 

Grocery growth and Shopping trends

Online grocery. Online grocery fulfillment efficiency is a top priority for grocery retailers in the coming year of 2023. Many retailers are focusing on improving their online ordering and delivery capabilities, as well as in-store pickup options. This includes investing in automation and technology to speed up fulfillment, and streamline the process to make it more convenient for customers.

Holiday trends. Here are some of the trends that shaped the holiday retail season in 2022. These trends include an emphasis on e-commerce, as well as an increase in curbside pickup and contactless delivery options. Retailers are also focused on personalization and convenience for customers, such as offering same-day delivery and virtual shopping assistance. Additionally, retailers prepared for a surge in last-minute shopping and extended their return policies.

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