In-store advertising can be less boring. It’s up to you.

Be honest: when was the last time you took a look at an in-store advertising campaign and said “Wow, this is so good! I wish I’d thought about this". 

You don’t remember? Yeah, thought so. 

It’s enough to take a walk through your closest grocery store and you’ll see the same old “standard package”: a few display booths here and there, some product demonstrations and samples, the latter being on the verge of extinction lately, due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The best way to describe this approach? I guess “playing it safe” should do it. 

This doesn’t come as a surprise to you, probably. Nowadays, the biggest part of in-store advertising campaigns and promotions are utterly outdated and buyers are so used to seeing them all the time that they pretty much ignore them. And this can be observed in sales lift, which barely surpass 20%.

Obviously, this also leads to a question: how can you make in-store advertising less boring and more efficient.

Honestly, there’s no such thing as a magic formula. But you can start with focusing on a few key concepts about buyers.

Shoppers react to emotions 

As soon as they feel an emotional connection, it’s easier to transform buyers into regular clients 

A good story makes customers tingle 

A product is easier to sell if it’s introduced by a story that manages to light a spark in potential buyers and make them relate with it.

people love creativity

Admit it: not once you bought something just because you were dazzled by the creative approach used to present it. 

Still, a lot of agencies are far from being innovative when proposing in-store advertising solutions to their clients and that’s not because they lack creativity. No, not at all. It’s because they lack solutions. 

FMCG brands send briefs saying they want something super innovative for their in-store activations, advertising agencies know there’s nothing new out there, so they use the same old cardboards, end caps and shelf stoppers. Brands accept it because there aren’t really any other options. Everybody has just resigned. 

Most of them are aware that the results won’t be stellar but keep wasting money on these campaigns, just because there aren’t any other options. And this can turn up to be quite frustrating. We bet you can relate. 

If this scenario sounds familiar, we have some great news: you can forget about those boring campaigns and opt for the future of in-store advertising: Tokinomo. 

A state of the art example of experiential marketing at the point-of-sale, Tokinomo’s solution for in-store advertising does what regular campaigns can’t: interacting with the clients and creating a memorable shopping experience. 

Sounds like something you would want, right?

IPA Beer Customer Reaction Tokinomo In-Store POS Marketing Robots

Besides this, probably one of the best parts about Tokinomo is that it’s incredibly easy to use, offering you the possibility to manage each and every campaign setting remotely. Plus, you’ll receive detailed analytics data and specific metrics, so you will know exactly how your campaigns worked!

Oh, and one more thing: customers seem to love it. See for yourselves:


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