In-app shopping, generative AI, and personalization - Weekly Snacks #81

Campaign corner

Too cool. Cat owners are aware that their beloved feline companions can exude an air of indifference—sometimes even to the point of being frustratingly nonchalant. These discerning kitties show no leniency, especially when it comes to the clichéd holiday customs that tend to evoke cringes from humans. Fortunately, the TEMPTATIONS™ brand is helping cat-owning households, enabling them to create lasting, enjoyable moments during the festive season in their new commercial

Collab. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® is delighted to announce a thrilling partnership with the esteemed Academy Award Winner, Kevin Costner, to develop a collection of innovatively crafted coffee blends. The inaugural offering, titled Horizon Blend by Kevin Costner, is a robust and smoky dark roast infused with the essence of the American West. This distinctive blend is set to hit the shelves in December 2023.

Tech in retail 


In-app shopping. Amazon has teamed up with Snap, allowing users to buy products directly from ads on Snapchat. By linking their Snapchat and Amazon accounts, users can make purchases within the social app using their default Amazon details, without leaving Snapchat. This feature is available for select products advertised on Snapchat and sold by either Amazon or independent sellers on Amazon's platform.

Virtual holiday shop. J. Crew has partnered with Obsess to create a festive version of its virtual store, featuring an AI card generator for personalized greeting cards and a ski game. Shoppers can engage in a digital scavenger hunt for a chance to win a cashmere gift and explore winter and holiday apparel. The virtual store is designed with a snow lodge theme for women's clothing and accessories and a separate ski chalet for menswear.

Expert opinion

Celebrity. Does every brand or retailer now need strong ties with celebrities and influencers of all levels to succeed? Should retailers be preparing new strategies in case influencers ever see a decline? These were the questions that various retail experts answered in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Here’s what Carol Spieckerman mentioned: 

Generative AI. Do you believe there are aspects of design that should remain solely in the hands of human creators, or is there potential for AI to take a more central role? Could generative AI dull the human aspect of product design? When used, how might it impact the overall product development timeline and quality? Retail influencers answered these questions in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Neil Saunders shared his point of view: 

In other news…

Personalization in retail. According to a report from data analysis firm Dunnhumby published on Tuesday, Amazon surpasses all other retailers in delivering personalized experiences for shoppers. The report, based on Dunnhumby's Retailer Preference Index, highlights that a retailer's capacity to offer targeted savings, provide local products, and ensure a seamless shopping experience are the top three factors influencing how consumers perceive personalization efforts. Dunnhumby also pointed out that grocers with higher personalization scores tend to attract more customer visits, larger purchases, and a greater share of consumers' spending.

Sizing up or down. In response to ongoing factors like inflation affecting consumer spending habits, food and beverage companies are adjusting their strategies for pack-size offerings to align with changing trends. Brands are exploring options such as smaller, larger, or multi-packs to address evolving consumer preferences. Executives in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry have discussed their approaches to these trends in recent earnings calls.


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