Grocery trends, holiday commercials, and Super Saturday - Weekly Snacks #37

Holiday commercials

Macy is speechless. You know the moment when you give somebody you love a gift and hold your breath until they react? This is the essence of Macy’s Christmas commercial. A family is unwrapping gifts and when the mother thought they were done, her husband surprises her with the ultimate gift. We all held our breath waiting for her reaction. 

Heartwarming holidays. This lovely commercial from Wegmans presents a kid doing a lot of work outside. From pushing the garbage bin to decorating the whole exterior of the house. While you might think that he is alone during the holidays, he’s actually helping somebody else. After all, this is what the holidays are all about, right?

Retail tech

Livestream shopping. This trend is starting to become more popular. To help shoppers, TalkShopLive is connecting Livestream shopping to physical stores. The company announced that they’ve partnered with BestBuy to offer an in-store pickup option for shoppers who prefer the Livestream buying option. 

Text-to-shop. Walmart is bringing another innovation to the table: text-to-shop. The retailer announced that is taking its text-to-shop solution out of beta. iOS and Android owners will be able to try out this feature for free. This feature allows shoppers to text the items they need, and items are automatically added to their cart.

2023 viewed by experts

Dynamic pricing in 2023. “Is 2023 the year when consumers get comfortable with dynamic pricing?” This is the topic of RetailWire’s discussion. Various retail influencers and experts shared their thoughts on the matter. Here’s what Ken Morris mentioned: 


The year of the store. In our latest expert round-up, retail influencers discussed what’s next for the retail industry. How is retail going to look in 2023? Here’s what Carol Spieckerman shared on the matter: 

Technology trends and Super Saturday

Grocery trends. Ready for a year in review? 2022 was a challenging year for retailers, especially grocers. GroceryDive did a deep dive into the 7 trends that have shaped the grocery industry in 2022. 

Super Saturday. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now Super Saturday. This year, Super Saturday is going to be on Dec 17th. It is predicted that Super Saturday is going to draw 158 million shoppers this year. The number is approximately 10 million more than last year’s expected number, according to NRF and Prosper Insights & Analytics. 

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