Gain a strong shelf presence to increase brand awareness and sales for FMCG brands

The store shelf is an important touchpoint on the customer journey of any shopper. From the decision to go to the store up to going home with the products, there are a few touchpoints where brands need to pay attention to how they are perceived by customers. Even the smallest detail can make it or break it for the shopper. 

In this article, we are going to focus on the importance of having a strong shelf presence, especially as an FMCG brand. Also, we’re going to give you a few insights on how you can improve your shelf presence. 

Shelf presence: An overview of your brand

Shelf placement is known as where the products of a certain brand are placed in a brick and mortar store. Not just the aisle or the shelf they are placed on, but how they are displayed. 

Shelf presence is crucial for FMCG brands, especially since most consumer goods are sold exclusively in-store. That’s why brands need to focus on where and how their products are displayed in grocery stores. 

A strong shelf presence can increase brand awareness and brand loyalty. Remember that your brand is not how you see it, it’s how your customers perceive it. The shelf presence has an important role to play in how customers perceive your brand and your products. Anything from packaging to merchandising can impact sales and the image of the brand. 

Customers tend to buy products from brands whose values align with their own. This is why shoppers will spend 46% more on products from brands they see as valuable or from those who support the community or individuals. What does this have to do with shelf presence? A lot! If you are a brand that protects the environment, this should be shown in your shelf placement and packaging. And this is just one example. 

You can look at shelf presence as an overview of your brand. It shows people an image of your brand and your products. Knowing how important shelf presence is for your brand, we’ve prepared a few best practices you should follow to increase brand awareness and sales. 

3 shelf presence best practices

1. Find the right packaging for your products

The shelf presence is much more than shelf placement. It starts with the way your product is packaged. The colors used, along with material and text play an important role in the image of your brand. Also, packaging can encourage impulse purchases

Keep in mind that while it is important to follow trends, when it comes to the packaging you might need to think twice before changing the aspect of your products.

2. The right placement goes a long way

Placing your product on the shelves of big retailers is challenging. However, it gives you the brand and product awareness you need. As you know, products are not placed randomly in-store. There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to placement: 

  • Facings: How many shelf positions (horizontal) can your brand or SKU occupy in-store?
  • SOVI (Share of visual inventory): How much share of a category do you have? To calculate it, you need to divide the number of facings of your brand, by the number of overall facings in that category. 
  • SOA ( Share of assortment): How much ownership of the customer’s purchasing do you have? Count the number of SKUs or products (not the facings) in one category and then divide it to the number of different products or SKUs you have available in that category. 
  • Shelf level: Is your product standing right in front of the eyes of your customers? Make sure that your product is positioned in the right spot on the shelf. This will help you maximize sales opportunities.
  • Special displays: End caps, self-standing displays, and dump bins are also great options for brands that want to stand out. 

3. A bit of innovation to engage shoppers

Apart from having the best shelf placement for your products, you might also want to consider engaging with your customers right at the point of sale. Tokinomo, the robotic POP display, can help you attract customers and increase sales. 


Since the market is saturated, it’s a challenge for brands to stand out. A brand activation with the help of Tokinomo can help you differentiate your products.

Having a strong shelf presence is extremely important in this saturated market. With the help of innovative solutions like Tokinomo, you can make your products stand out. Also, with this kind of brand activation, you engage your customers and increase sales right at the point of purchase. 

If you want to stay on top of the competition, promote your products, and increase your sales, try out these 3 best practices in-store. With a strong shelf presence and the right message, customers will fall head over heels for your products. 

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