Food waste, Grocery trends, and Back-to-school - Weekly Snacks #62

Campaign corner

Hate comments. Liquid Death did it again. The brand released a complete music video this week for one of the songs from their latest album, Greatest Hates Vol. 3. The album consists of 10 songs, with lyrics sourced from unfriendly comments directed at the brand, both through direct messages and social media. Warning: The video contains curse words. 

Folds of honor.  For the past 13 years, Budweiser has joined forces with Folds of Honor, recognizing and supporting military families through the provision of 44,000 scholarships. Just as the unwavering commitment of our military continues, so does the enduring partnership between Budweiser and Folds of Honor.

Time for technology

Playing on Roblox. Fenty Beauty and Roblox have created a virtual metaverse experience for users. In this immersive digital space, players can participate in various activities and have the opportunity to design their own customized Gloss Bomb lip luminizer. The partnership aims to engage and entertain beauty enthusiasts within the Roblox community, leveraging the popularity and interactive nature of the platform. 

Instacart update.  Instacart has introduced updates to its Cart Star program, offering additional benefits. Workers can now earn cashback on fuel purchases through the Upside program, with higher rates for Platinum and Diamond tiers. Instacart has also launched "Platinum Protection," ensuring shoppers who have completed at least 4,000 orders maintain their Platinum Cart status. Additionally, Instacart has enhanced its FoodStorm offering, simplifying the process of selling and fulfilling personalized made-to-order items for retailers.

Retail experts

Google’s trust issues. Do you see retailers and brands moving away from advertising through Google’s Video Partners program because of the Journal’s reporting? What can brands learn from this, and what do you see as being the most effective, safest, most productive digital advertising relationships for brands to have today? These are the questions that various retail experts answered in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Here’s what Dave Bruno mentioned: 


Back-to-school 2023. What are your expectations for back-to-school selling and the role inflation will play in the season? Do you see 2023 BTS being any more or less price driven versus 2022 selling? Several retail experts answered these questions in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. This is what Neil Saunders mentioned: 


Food waste and grocery industry

Reducing food waste. SpartanNash, a grocery retailer, has successfully diverted one million pounds of food waste through its partnership with Flashfood. The collaboration allows customers to purchase discounted surplus food items through the Flashfood app, reducing food waste and providing cost savings to shoppers. By leveraging technology and implementing sustainable practices, SpartanNash has made significant strides in reducing its environmental impact and addressing the issue of food waste. 

Grocery trends. The article highlights five key trends shaping the grocery industry in 2023: omnichannel shopping, the growth of private label brands, sustainability focus, personalized shopping experiences, and technology adoption. These trends reflect evolving consumer preferences and the industry's efforts to adapt and innovate.

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