Food-as-medicine, shopping apps, and high-tech expectations - Weekly Snacks #27

Campaign scoop

Caring for your heart. It’s important to take care of your health and exercise constantly. Imagine going to your regular spinning class and Ice-T is your instructor. In this commercial from Cheerios, you’ll discover how these cereals can help your heart and why Ice-T is suddenly teaching a spinning class.

The Dashers. Your delivery guy is your favorite superhero, right? Well, Doordash decided to celebrate “Dashers” by partnering up with Marvel. This new campaign turned delivery people into superheroes named Dashers. There’s even a comics book named The Dashers that was presented at New York Comic Con. 

Realistic candles. We’ve saved the best for last: The new commercial from Liquid Death. Yes, it’s as great as you are expecting it to be. This time, the commercial features Martha Stewart. In the spot, Martha is creating realistic candles made by hand. The spooky and funny commercial is a must-see. 

Retail technology

Food delivery robots. Yes, you read that right. People will be able to receive their food orders from delivery robots. The city council approved a pilot program in Chicago. Customers will order food from an app and the robots will operate on sidewalks and within crosswalks within a small radius of the participating food businesses.

Mobile POS. In-store shopping is back and Shopify is entering the physical store with its Mobile point-of-sale hardware. POS Go is a mobile point-of-sale system that lets sellers transact on the go. Shopify specializes in e-Commerce, but seeing the rise in sales in physical stores, the company decided to focus more on this channel. 

High-tech expectations. Retail tech is great and that’s why shoppers want more of it. New research from ChaseDesign|JGA shows that customers have higher expectations from retailers when it comes to technology. For example,76.7% of shoppers are interested in interactive displays that offer information about different brands, giving retailers the ability to shape buying behavior.

Expert advice

Perception problem. Prices are rising more and more every month, but it seems like the perceived inflation is higher than expected in the grocery industry. In Retail Wire’s discussion, experts talked about the price perception problem in the grocery industry. Here’s what Shep Hyken said on the topic: 



Shopping apps. Are retailer shopping apps providing value or do they still lack innovation? Experts talked about retailer apps and their evolution. Here’s what Gary Sankary had to say about retailer apps in the Retail Wire discussion:


Food, shopping, and podcasts


Food-as-medicine. Shoppers are more concerned about their health, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why Kroger saw an opportunity and decided to focus on its healthcare arm, Kroger Health. From dietician consulting to OptUp nutritional scoring, Kroger is on a journey to create personalized, nutritious, and affordable offerings for its customers. 

Holidays on a budget. We’ve shared a few pieces of news regarding this holiday season’s shopping situation. Apparently, people are not saving up by buying less, they are also considering offering secondhand holiday gifts

Retail podcasts. Passionate about retail? We’ve created a list with 10 of the best retail podcasts to listen to in order to keep track of the latest news and trends. Happy listening!

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