e-Grocery, Sustainability, and In-store merchandising - Weekly Snacks #47

Campaign Corner

From farm to bag. Lay’s wants to show consumers that their chips are made out of real potatoes from local farms. In a new commercial, a female speaker informs us that Lay's potato chips are produced using genuine potatoes obtained from more than 100 farms across the United States. To demonstrate her claim, she starts placing flags bearing Lay's logo on a map, and each flag represents a specific farm she mentions. Watch the commercial to see what happens at the farm.

Slow it down. In one of the quickest moments in television, namely during a NASCAR race, Heinz, a brand that is famous for its slow-pouring and rich ketchup, is interrupting the race's speed by showcasing its strength in its latest advertisement - slowing things down. Heinz has always appreciated those who take their time, and its recent commercial during a high-speed race serves as a reminder to fans to slow down. Developed by Rethink, the ad lasts for a mere 0.57 seconds and is easily missed, but those who believe that good things come to those who wait can replay the ad at a slower speed to discover a hidden voucher code.

Retail technology

Amazon C-store. Marymount University has partnered with Amazon to launch an AI-powered convenience store on its campus in Virginia. The store, called Marymount Market, is the first of its kind on a university campus and features Amazon's Just Walk Out technology, allowing customers to enter, shop, and exit without scanning items or stopping at a checkout.

Nutrition education program. Instacart has partnered with a non-profit organization, FoodCorps, to launch a nutrition education program for families in low-income communities. The program, called Fresh Fund, will provide recipe ideas, cooking tips, and nutrition education to help families prepare healthy meals. Instacart will also offer incentives for customers to purchase healthy foods on its platform. The program is initially launching in six cities across the United States.

Sharing expert advice

In-store merchandising. Do retailers need a more data-driven approach to in-store merchandising? This was the topic of one of Retail Wire’s discussions where experts shared their thoughts. This is what Liza Amlani mentioned: 

Low pricing for Easter. Is price messaging more critical in the current economic environment for discretionary and non-discretionary purchases? What are the keys for retailers to protect margins at times like these? Retail experts answered these questions in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Here’s what Shep Hyken mentioned: 

Online grocery shopping and sustainability in retail

e-Grocery. Online grocery orders have fallen below pandemic levels for the first time, according to new data from Brick Meets Click/Mercatus. In February 2021, online grocery sales totaled $9.3 billion, down from $9.8 billion in January 2021. The decrease is attributed to the easing of pandemic restrictions and the return of in-person shopping. However, online grocery sales are still higher than pre-pandemic levels, with a 15% increase compared to February 2020.

Consumer sustainability. According to a new study by Unilever, influencer content has the most significant impact on consumer sustainability choices. The study surveyed 18,000 people across nine countries and found that 66% of respondents said they were inspired to lead a more sustainable lifestyle after seeing an influencer's content. This is compared to 57% who were influenced by friends and family, and 48% by advertising. The study also found that younger generations are more likely to be influenced by sustainability issues and that brands should focus on creating more sustainable products and messaging to appeal to them.

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