Drone delivery, AR in Retail, and Holiday shopping trends - Weekly Snacks #70

Campaign corner

Fansville. With the start of season 6 of 'Fansville,' numerous college football enthusiasts are depicted in a state of turmoil due to the transformative shifts in the sport they hold dear. To address these uncertainties, Dr Pepper promotes its range of beverages as a means to discover 'fanswers' – solutions to these inquiries – offering a sense of familiarity and consistency amid the changes.

Kid-noise cancelling tech. Capri Sun is playfully parodying the marketing of advanced gadgets through a light-hearted back-to-school initiative crafted by Mischief. The campaign humorously presents Capri Sun drink pouches as "kid-noise canceling technology," providing a "50-second respite" (reflecting the time it takes a child to consume one) amidst the chaotic back-to-school period at the close of summer.

Technology in retail

Drone delivery. Walmart and Wing, a subsidiary of Alphabet (Google's parent company), have revealed a partnership to provide drone delivery services from two stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. The initiative will begin with a Walmart Supercenter in Frisco, Texas. The Wing drones have the capability to make deliveries within half an hour, utilizing a tether to transport items such as household necessities and groceries directly to customers' residences.

AI and food waste. Artificial intelligence and digital innovations are aiding food retailers in their efforts to reduce food waste and enhance efficiency. Grocers are increasingly embracing technology, like AI-driven platforms, to tackle food waste. While technology plays a pivotal role, Clear emphasizes the importance of aligning technology with solid processes and standards for optimal results in waste reduction and supply chain improvement.

Experts in retail

AR in Retail. Do you think AR will be more impactful than standard e-commerce shopping, prompting more consumers to go digital than ever before? Do you foresee any other increased pros and/or cons with AR shopping? These are the questions that retail experts answered in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Here’s what Jeff Sward mentioned: 

Influencers and product launches. Have influencers transformed the path to discovery for new brands and products, at least in certain categories? What should brands have learned at this point about balancing the benefits and risks of using influencers? Various retail experts answered these questions in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. This is what Neil Saunders mentioned: 

In other news…

Holiday shopping trends. With the winter holiday already on retailers’ minds, early preparation is essential to attract customers and boost sales. Amid inflation, shoppers prioritize value and savings, with 53% willing to switch brands for cost savings. Promotions and discounts are crucial, as 67% plan to buy sale items, and 42% opt for store brands due to lower prices. 

Retail crime. The rising inflation exacerbated theft and organized retail crime (ORC), with recent instances like a California Whole Foods closing due to safety concerns and Target anticipating profit loss due to theft. Technology aimed at preventing theft, such as locked display cases and camera systems, is becoming prevalent, but it can frustrate shoppers. Grocery chains are also expanding their staff with asset protection specialists and ORC units to address the issue, leading to more apprehensions and legal actions, as reported by the National Retail Federation. 

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