Delivery robots, Gen Alpha, and Shopping Priorities - Weekly Snacks #41

Campaign Corner

Teasing the roast. In this commercial, Mr. Peanut, the famous Planters character, will participate in a comedy roast but constantly interrupts the Roastmaster General, Jeff Ross. Despite his attempts to offer jokes, he doesn't understand that he can't help with his own roast. The Roast of Mr. Peanut will take place during Super Bowl LVII on Feb 12, 2023. Will Mr. Peanut crack under the comedic pressure?

Makes you sing. What’s more cringe than somebody hearing you sing? Your whole team hears you sing about your lunch in a Zoom call. In this commercial, a man can't help but sing about the delicious toppings of his Stouffer's Bowl-Fulls before lunch. Unfortunately, he overlooked the fact that he had not muted himself, causing everyone in the ongoing meeting to hear his impromptu jingle. The man's musical enthusiasm for his lunch may have interrupted the meeting but it's a testament to how enjoyable and satisfying his meal is.

The Big Face-off. Another teaser ad for the Super Bowl. Molson Coors announces a light beer showdown between Coors Light and Miller Lite during the Super Bowl on Feb 12, 2023. The ad will also be available to play on DraftKings, allowing viewers to predict details and make picks for free. Tune in to Super Bowl LVII to see which beer prevails.

Technology changing the retail industry

Delivery robots. 7-Eleven is using delivery robots to serve customers in a pilot program. The robots, provided by robotics company Nuro, are autonomous vehicles that transport packages to customers' doorsteps. The pilot is being conducted in Houston, TX, and will help 7-Eleven evaluate the potential benefits of using delivery robots, such as increased convenience and efficiency.

Retail media. The article discusses the future of retail media and grocery in 2023. It states that retailers are expected to continue investing in technology and data-driven strategies to personalize the shopping experience for customers. As digital transformation accelerates, retailers will need to focus on omnichannel integration and use AI-powered tools to better understand their customers. In-store digital displays, personalized product recommendations, and augmented reality experiences are also predicted to play a bigger role in retail. 

Sharing the expertise

Tech in grocery stores. Is technology the answer to better customer experiences in grocery stores? This is the topic of one of Retail Wire’s latest discussions where various experts shared their opinions. Here’s what Neil Saunders mentioned: 


Gen Alpha. Do retailers need to start paying serious attention to Generation Alpha? This was the question asked by Retail Wire in one of their retail expert discussions. Here’s what Georganne Bender stated: 

Online shopping and prioritizing affordability

eCommerce sales 2022.
The article states that e-commerce sales exceeded $1 trillion in 2022, according to data from Adobe. The data also showed a significant increase in online spending during the holidays, with consumers relying more on e-commerce due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Adobe attributes the growth in e-commerce to consumers' increasing comfort with online shopping and the investments made by retailers in their e-commerce capabilities. The article also mentions that e-commerce sales are expected to continue to grow in the future.

The priorities of shoppers. The article discusses how shoppers will prioritize affordability in their food-buying decisions in 2023. According to a survey, many consumers have faced financial challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and are looking for ways to cut costs. As a result, retailers are expected to offer more promotions and discounts, as well as focus on private label products, to attract price-sensitive shoppers. The article also mentions that retailers are expected to expand their delivery and pickup options to meet the increased demand for convenient shopping options. 

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