Collaborative shopping, fresh food, and shrink crisis - Weekly snacks #78

Campaign corner

Show them that you care. Cesar’s new commercial shows that there are different ways to show your pet that you care. Maybe making them your ring bearer is not the best idea.The wedding was delayed as the Westie terrier, entrusted with the rings, buried one on the beach. The groom, in his white tuxedo, searched with a metal detector. Despite a hopeful discovery of an old car part, a narrator suggested showing love to your furry friend through Cesar Canine Cuisine dog food.

Stir up. Salma Hayek Pinault stars in a series of humorous novela-inspired commercials, urging people worldwide to add excitement to their drinks with the world's top coffee liqueur.In Kahlúa's global campaign, "Stir Up," the Mexican actress and producer reveals the delightful versatility of the drink, making it an enjoyable indulgence any day of the week.

Tech in retail

Collaborative shopping. Amazon unveiled a new feature known as "Consult-a-Friend" in its app, enabling shoppers to seek, view, and organize product feedback from friends, as stated in a company blog post. Amazon's data revealed that the "share" button in the Amazon Shopping app has been used billions of times to share products through messaging services, social media apps, and email. The post also mentions that early testing indicates a strong customer interest in obtaining feedback on items like clothing, footwear, electronics, and furniture.

Drone delivery. Apparently, this week, Amazon is taking the whole Tech section from the weekly snacks. Amazon Pharmacy is offering customers in College Station, Texas, the option to receive their prescription drugs via drone delivery within an hour of ordering. This service provides quick access to over 500 medications, including those used for common illnesses like flu, asthma, and pneumonia. Amazon's drones have been operating in College Station since December 2022, with the goal of improving healthcare outcomes through swift access to medication.

Expert opinion

Shrink crisis. Do you agree with the skepticism regarding retailers attributing their losses solely to shrinkage, and if so, how might broader economic trends be influencing retailers’ claims about theft-related losses? Do you think retail theft will be under control by this holiday season and going into next year? Does there need to be more accountability on consumers and the outlets allowing for easy sale of aftermarket possibly stolen goods? These are the questions that various retail experts answered in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Here’s what Ken Morris mentioned: 

Ken Morris Tokinomo quote

Fresh food. Does it make sense that the highest appeal of fresh foods is centered around personal nutrition rather than products being organic, locally grown, or sustainably sourced? What insights may the findings indicate about pricing and marketing in the fresh foods category? Retail experts answered these questions in one of Retail Wire’s discussions. This is what Mark Self stated: 

mark self qoute shopper marketing

Thanksgiving dinner

Meal choices. In preparation for the holiday season, Walmart is introducing cost-saving measures, as outlined in a blog post on Wednesday. They are providing two Thanksgiving meal choices, one with ingredients for a traditional meal, offering turkey at under $1 per pound, and another with a ready-to-bake meal basket. Additionally, Walmart is increasing the frequency of deals and expanding the number of rollbacks across various gift categories.

Price reduction. Aldi has revealed its intention to slash prices by up to 50% on over 70 essential seasonal items in preparation for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season. This discount program, set to kick off on November 1 and continue through the end of 2023, will cover ingredients for side dishes, charcuterie components, and baking essentials. Aldi previously offered a similar discount during last year's Thanksgiving to assist consumers grappling with inflation, and they aim to provide the same support this year, given the persistently high prices.

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