Boost sales by increasing prices. Wait, what? Is that even possible?

There's no need to read the title twice, you got it right from the first time, and we didn't make a mistake.

As a retailer, most likely you have been working and testing methods to boost sales in store. Most likely it has become one of the biggest challenges for you. You’ve tried it all: special displays, sales promoters, funny wobblers, super contests and even cutting off prices, although you might have heard the last one is not the best strategy in the long run.

Don’t lose hope, there are still other options, better ones!

What if there’s a way to immediately boost sales without cutting off prices? And without having to hire a sales promoter, train him, supervise him, worry that he won’t deliver the speech as he should, or that he’ll fall in love with a client and completely forget about what he was doing there in the first place (true story).

That would be great news, right?

But wait, there’s more (and you already know this because you read it in the headline). What if you could increase sales while raising the price of the product? And again, without having to move mountains, create outrageous events and display materials or pay influencers to advertise your product to anyone. What if you increased the price of the product and still managed to give sales a boost?

"What if you could increase sales while raising the price of the product?"

That’s impossible, you might think. It’s against common sense.

But then again, all great things in history were against common sense, until they were proven right. Like the earth not being flat (ahem).

So, brace yourself, because we’ll tell you exactly how this is possible, no time wasting, we promise. Not only do we have the perfect solution for you, but we also tested our solutions multiple times and have the numbers to back up our claims.

Miracles don’t happen, you make them happen. And when it comes to in-store marketing, Tokinomo really is the wonder-solution you were looking for. A cutting-edge smart device that increases customer engagement and brand awareness while boosting sales in-store with 200% on average (yep, we’re not kidding). And you don't need to cut any prices, don’t forget this. In terms of sales increase, it's basically the most effective in-store marketing solution you can find on the market.

Fun fact: while all other in store marketing solutions struggle to get a 30% increase in sales (which is pretty good, can't complain), clients who used Tokinomo reached up to 900%. I'll let you Imagine those numbers written in a report...

Is this for real? How does it work?

It’s real and it’s here. Tokinomo is a tiny robot that uses sound, motion and light to interact with customers in your store. Basically, you attach a product to the device and you can make it dance, sing, talk or whisper to the clients. The product comes to life instantly and the people absolutely love it!

And the best part?

While some of our clients were amazed to see how Tokinomo boosted sales without the need to cut-off prices, others (who were quite bold we would say) took it to the next level and actually increased the price of the product during the campaign. And still got an outrageous sales lift. You don’t have to take this for granted, we have the case studies to prove it, email us and ask. 

In conclusion...

It’s time to tell your story a different way.

The in-store marketing landscape has become dull and the current possibilities are very limited. It’s time to tell your story in a different way in order to stand out. Tokinomo doesn’t increase just sales, but also brand awareness and brand loyalty. And that’s what we are all searching for, right? Because at the end of the day, you don’t want just some nice numbers in an excel sheet. You want your product to be remembered and your brand to get a special place in the customers’ hearts.

So if you’re looking for more sales, increased brand awareness & loyalty, your destination is this way -> Tokinomo. Get in touch with us, and let's see how we can boost those sales together. 

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