Art meets retail to battle COVID-19 restrictions

One of the most important skills is the power to adapt in difficult situations. While some simply adapt, others find innovative ways to tackle the problem. During this pandemic, all industries were affected in a way or another and retail was no exception. However, unlike museums and art galleries, essential stores were able to keep their doors open. 

Instead of stopping and waiting for something to change, creative and innovative people found retail tricks to tackle restrictions and to show that arts and private events can still take place while following restrictions. 

Creativity is essential 

In London, during the pandemic, art galleries were closed. It was illegal to open a gallery to the public. However, food and other essential stores were open. Instead of waiting for restrictions to lift, an agency decided to make a bold move: They turned an art gallery into a food store. 

The Design Museum in London reinvented itself and turned it into a food shop so it can legally reopen. To allow people to enjoy art without breaking any rules or putting their lives at risk, the Design Museum found this innovative retail trick. 

The labels of essential items like flour, chips, water bottle, oil, and other FMCG products were designed by emerging artists. This way, people were allowed to enjoy art and to purchase necessary products. 

The Design Museum in London teamed up with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin and designer Camille Walala to make this “experiment” possible. All of the profits that were made during the event were then given to the artists to support them during these troubled times. 

In just 5 days, this Pop-up store/art gallery received over 25.000 shoppers! This event showed that art is an essential part of life and that people can still enjoy it without putting their lives at risk. 

This is an example that shows how ingenious people found loopholes. This shows that creativity is indeed essential and it can allow people to enjoy special occasions and art even with COVID-19 restrictions still in place. 

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