Voice marketing

Voice marketing

Voice marketing is a type of marketing in which brands and businesses use live or recorded audio to engage with customers. In-stores, voice marketing can be considered the overhead music and the use of in-store robots like Tokinomo that can transmit a voice message.

Overhead messaging is a great way to attract the attention of customers. The best part about it is that all shoppers present in the store can hear the message you transmit. 

With Tokinomo, customers will be surprised to see and hear that their favorite products can move and talk. 

Voice marketing is all about transmitting promotional content via voice, instead of focusing on flashy visual content. 


What is voice commerce?

Another concept that is tied to voice marketing is voice commerce. While they have a voice in common, these two concepts are pretty different. Voice commerce means using voice assistants to shop. People use Siri, Alexa, and other voice assistants and place an order online. The voice assistant is the one that makes sure the products are put in the cart and the order is registered. 

Voice commerce is evolving and it is going to include brick and mortar stores as well. The order can be placed with the help of voice assistants and shoppers can go inside brick and mortar stores to collect their order.