Shopper marketing

Shopper marketing

Shopper marketing is a type of marketing that focuses on offering the best to the customer right at the point of purchase. Instead of trying to sell more and promoting your products aggressively, retailers that choose to have a shopper marketing strategy understand the importance of customer experience. 

Why is shopper marketing important? 

Shopper marketing helps retailers increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. This is because it focuses more on creating an experience for the customer instead of selling products. Of course, at the end of the day, the ultimate goal is to increase sales. With shopper marketing, you engage with customers, offer them the ultimate experience, and promote your products without being too promotional. 


Shopper marketing tactics

Like any other type of marketing, shopper marketing has its tactics. One of the most important ones is the use of displays. Instead of selling with the POP display, retailers who focus on shopper marketing tell a story with the help of displays. They capture the attention of customers and engage with them. 

Loyalty cards and programs are other amazing ways to increase customer engagement and sales. Shopper marketing is all about the experience so we can’t forget about the ambiance. It’s important to set the mood in your store.

From the music to the way products are displayed can make it or break it for your business. 

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