Shelf talker

Shelf talker

A shelf talker is a type of point-of-purchase display that can be used for in-store promotions. Shelf talkers are printed tickets or pieces of cardboard that are placed on the shelves to attract attention toward a certain product. These displays are easy to customize and can be personalized in any way you like to better reflect the style of the brand or product.

 Like any promotional materials, shelf talkers have the ultimate goal to increase sales. However, shelf talkers can also increase brand and product awareness as well as customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, shelf talkers are not as effective as digital and robotic displays. 

Shelf talkers have big, colorful messages written on them to catch the attention of shoppers. These promotional materials can be used by many retail businesses, from supermarkets to small grocery shops. 


Why are shelf talkers important?

Shelf talkers, also known as shelf wobbles or shelf holders, are great in-store promotion tools. They are easy to display and to get rid of. Also, because they can be personalized, many brands choose to work with shelf talkers. 

Shelf talkers can help you increase overall awareness of your brands and products. Also, if the campaign is implemented right, shelf talkers will help you increase revenue.