Retailtainment comes for retail + entertainment. It is also known as experiential retail and it means offering customers an experience instead of simply promoting a product. Retailtainment is a marketing strategy in which retailers offer customers experiences in-store. It means disrupting the regular shopping activity and engaging with customers in a different way. 

Types of retailtainment in-store

There are different ways in which you can implement an experience in-store while also promoting your products. One of the most common types of retailtainment is offering samples. Customers get to try out your newest products and you will also receive feedback from them. 

Another way in which you can offer an experience inside a store is to take advantage of retail technology such as AR, VR, Bluetooth, and Beacons. 


Examples of retailtainment campaigns

One of the most amazing retailtainment examples is the one from Target. They created a pop-up store called Target Wonderland where people could play games and also shop at the same time. 

Another great example is the one from Vans. Since Vans is a brand that’s all about freedom, skateboarding, and having fun, they decided to offer customers an amazing experience. House of Vans has a Skatepark where customers can try out their new Vans shoes on a skateboard. Also, their London store comes with a cinema and a mini ramp for people to try out the shoes before purchasing them.