Retail technology

Retail technology

Retail technology is a term that describes tech solutions that help retailers. No matter if we are talking about brick and mortar stores or eCommerce platforms, all retailers use types of retail technologies to increase productivity and eliminate repetitive tasks. 

Depending on the type of business, the location, and the budget, retailers can select the right technologies for their stores. 

What technology is used in retail stores? 

Since technology is constantly evolving, there are new technologies on the market each year. Considering the fact that retail is one of the sectors with a low technology adoption rate, retailers have a lot to choose from. 


Some of the most important retail technologies used are: 

  • Retail robots

There are different types of robots that can be used in retail, from stocking robots to customer service or even in-store marketing robots. 

  • AR

Augmented reality can be used to offer amazing experiences in-store and to make shopping even better. For example, an AR mirror can show customers how clothes will look on them without having to try them out. 

  • VR

Virtual reality can be used in different types of stores to enhance the shopping experience. 

  • Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is an amazing retail technology used in robots and different applications. 

  • Beacons

Beacons can sense the presence of a customer in a certain aisle and send push notifications on their smartphone. 


Why is retail technology important? 

Retail technology can help retailers increase customer satisfaction. Also, by technology adoption, retailers show that they focus on innovating and offering only the best to the customers. Apart from that, retailers will increase their productivity and will get rid of small repetitive tasks. 

Customers will be curious to try out the new technology in-store and will end up coming to the shop more frequently.