POSM stands for point-of-sale materials. These are materials and fixtures that help retailers and brands promote products and engage with customers. The best thing about POSM is that they come in all shapes and sizes to satisfy the needs of each brand. Depending on the type of product you are promoting, you can select from a range of materials. 

POSM include both POP and POS displays. 


Why are POSM important?

Point of sales materials are essential for in-store promotions and advertising. They are used by retailers to attract the attention of customers and inform them about new products, discounts, or promotions. Without POSM, brands and retailers can’t implement an in-store marketing campaign. 


Types of POSM

There are different types of point-of-sale materials that you can use in your store. Some of the most common include: 

  • Wobbles
  • End caps
  • Free-standing displays
  • Stickers
  • Floor graphics
  • Shelf talkers