POS display

POS display

A POS displays is a promotional display that is placed near the checkout area to encourage impulse purchases and engage customers. POS stands for point of sale and that is why, unlike POP displays that can be placed all over the store, POS displays are right at the checkout. 

These displays are highly customizable and easy to personalize to attract the attention of customers and increase brand awareness. Their main objective is to increase sales. 


Why are POS displays important?

Point of sale displays are essential in-store marketing assets that have a great impact both on brand awareness and revenue. Depending on the type of product and the way you want to promote it, you can select from a big range of displays. 


Types of POS displays

The most common type of POS display used in brick and mortar stores is the free-standing display. This is because it offers a bigger space for products to be placed and it attracts attention. Dump bins are also effective POS displays that you can use. 

Another great option for retailers is a lightbox. It attracts the attention of customers because of the light that makes the products stand out. 

Over time, the retail market is evolving and in-store marketing solutions are becoming better and better. One of the most innovative POS displays is Tokinomo, a robotic in-store marketing solution that allows products to present themselves. With the help of light, sound, and motion technology, Tokinomo revolutionizes in-store marketing.