Overhead Messaging

Overhead Messaging

Overhead messaging is an in-store marketing tactic used to inform and engage customers. The ultimate goal is to increase sales while promoting the latest discounts. It’s important to keep customers informed and having too many visual POP displays might be too tiring for their eyes. That’s why overhead messaging is a great in-store marketing tactic. 

Why is overhead messaging important? 

Overhead messaging has a lot of advantages. First of all, you can reach all of your shoppers. For customers to stop POP displays, they need to be near them. However, the overhead messaging is transmitted in the whole store. This means that more shoppers will hear your latest promotions. 


How to leverage overhead messaging?

It’s important to know how to create the right message before you transmit it. First of all, overhead messaging should be interesting and engaging. If you use dull messages people won’t even notice them. Try something funny or unusual to attract the attention of shoppers. 

Keep it short! Nobody wants to listen to a 2-minute expose on the greatest promotion on tomatoes. Begin with the most important piece of information: the promotion and the product, and then share additional details if necessary.