Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing means creating a seamless experience for customers on all of your channels. Omnichannel marketing is all about being available for customers on as many platforms as possible. 

Why? Because more than 70% of customers use multiple channels before they purchase a product. Most people start their journey online and then come to the store to buy the items they’ve researched online. 

Being available on all channels makes it easier to be top of mind for shoppers and to make their shopping journey easier. However, it’s not enough to be present, you need to create a seamless, positive experience. Your shoppers should find the same information on social media, your website, and your brick and mortar store. 

When implemented poorly, omnichannel marketing does more harm than good because it affects your brand image. 


Omnichannel vs multichannel marketing

Sometimes omnichannel and multichannel marketing seem to get confused. While both of these terms show you that you have to be available on many channels for your customers, this is where the resemblance stops. 

Multichannel marketing focuses on your presence and omnichannel marketing focuses on the unified brand experience you can offer on those channels. Multichannel marketing is about availability and omnichannel marketing means creating a personalized experience all across channels. 

Examples of omnichannel marketing

One of the most praised examples of omnichannel marketing is the one from Starbucks. They noticed that customers hated staying in line to order coffee and that’s why they created an app where people can place their orders and then come to the store and pick up their hot beverages. 

Another great example of omnichannel retailing is the one from Amazon. You can’t beat Amazon when it comes to availability. They have an eCommerce platform, brick and mortar stores, social media accounts, and they also have their own delivery service. Oh, we also forgot to mention that they have their own streaming service. What more can you ask from this brand?