Interactive displays

Interactive displays

Interactive displays are mounted devices that can be used to show images, clips, or simple text. Since they are interactive, they have a touchscreen that can be used by customers to make the images bigger, click on buttons, or select another image.

 Uses for interactive displays

Interactive displays can be used for multiple purposes. In retail, these devices are used to promote products by showcasing sales, price cuts, or various benefits of the products. Short clips can be played to set out a mood in the store. Also, interactive displays are great for increasing customer engagement. 

Interactive displays can also be used in other industries, including education. Kids can use the displays to read and learn. 

Interactive displays in stores are also used for guidance and offering information to customers. For example, an interactive display can be placed in a shopping mall to show directions to customers. 


Why are interactive displays important?

These tools increase customer engagement because they are disruptive. Also, interactive displays are great showstoppers and attract the attention of customers better than other types of POS displays.