Green retailing

Green retailing

Green retailing is a practice that focuses on reducing waste as much in every process. From manufacturing, packaging, and distribution to displaying products in store. Green retailing is a movement that continues to grow as conscious consumers are trying to live a greener, more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Apart from pleasing consumers, retailers should consider going green because it has a major impact on the environment. 


What is the importance of green retailing?

Green retailing is important because it gives you the opportunity to make a change in the world and to show what your brands stand for. It is a great way to show that you care about the environment and about your customers as well. 

From a sales point of view, your need to know that consumers tend to spend more on products and brands that are eco-friendly or that stand for a social cause. Also, consumers prefer retailers that practice green retailing. 

However, you need to be extra careful and avoid greenwashing. Greenwashing basically means lying about the fact that products are eco-friendly and sustainable. There are a few brands that were even sued due to greenwashing and trust when we say that it is extremely difficult to change the way customers perceive your brand after you lied to them. 


Examples of green retailing

Some of the things you need to do to start out with green retailing are: 

  • Avoid plastic packaging
  • Lower the use of plastic overall (straws, promotional material, labels, unrecyclable bottles)
  • Use zero-waste containers like dispensers
  • Verify if brands present in your store fabricate their products in a sustainable way
  • Host events where people can bring their old clothes or other products to recycle them