A gondola in retail is a type of freestanding POP display used to arrange and present products for sale. Gondolas have a flat base and a vertical component with slat walls, pegboards, or notches.

A gondola is a great type of freestanding fixture that can be used by many types of stores, from grocery to construction material. Depending on the materials used to create the gondola, retailers can place heavier items on its shelves.

Gondolas are also good POP displays for smaller stores that have limited space. This is because most of these fixtures are double-sided. 

Most gondolas have a height between 1.4 and 2.1 meters and a depth of 25 to 75 cm. Lower gondolas are great for retailers that want to have a clear overview of the stores. Big retail chains usually rely on bigger and taller gondolas to have enough space to display their products. 


The importance of using gondolas in stores

Gondolas are useful tools for retailers and for brands. One of the best things about these fixtures is that they are highly customizable. Brands can personalize the gondolas when they have a special promotion to tell the store of the product and to increase brand awareness in-store.