Gift with purchase

Gift with purchase

Gift with purchase is a sales technique in which a brand or retailer offers a smaller/less expensive product when a customer makes a purchase. The gift depends on the type of product and the approach of the brand. 

Some of these gifts can increase brand awareness and loyalty, while others can affect the image of the brand. This is why it is important to make sure that the gift matches the purchase. Some of the most common gifts with purchase examples are free samples from the beauty department. 

However, for a sense of urgency, brands don’t offer gifts with every purchase and they state that some of the gifts are a limited offer only. Many brands offer smaller products that are not yet available for purchase. This way, lucky customers can test out the products and offer feedback to the brand. 

Some brands use this sales tactic for every purchase. For example, Victoria’s Secret always offers a gift when customers make a purchase that is bigger than a certain amount of dollars. Retailers from the Beauty sector usually offer travel-size products or loyalty points. 


Why use the gift with purchase tactic?

Gift with purchase is a great way to increase brand loyalty and to offer customers a sense of urgency. Also, people will feel like they received more than they were expecting. However, you don’t need to confuse gift with purchase with other promotional tactics like free shipping or discounts.