Free-standing displays

Free-standing displays

Free-standing displays are a type of standalone POP shelf displays. These displays can hold products and they are highly customizable. Free-standing displays are used especially for promotional purposes or to display items that are subjected to impulse purchases.

 The free-standing display units (FSDUs) can be customized and brands can add their own colors, write messages on them, and arrange products just the way they like. 

FSDUs can increase product visibility and maximize brand impact at the point of purchase. These Eye-catching displays allow FMCG brands to stay on top of the competition and to increase sales.

The free-standing displays are made out of corrugated cardboard. While these displays are lightweight they have the structural integrity to carry weight. Fortunately, these displays are also environmentally friendly because they are made out of one single material which means they are easy to recycle. 

Free-standing displays are generally designed to meet diverse marketing objectives and that is why they can be customized without much effort. Depending on the needs of the brand, marketing agencies can personalize the free-standing displays.