End caps

End caps

What are end caps?

End caps are types of displays used at the end of the aisle. Instead of displaying products on the regular aisles, retailers use end caps (spaces at the end of the aisles) to promote those products. The whole end cap is used for a single product with its variations (different colors, flavors, etc.). End caps are actually the spaces at the end of the aisle, which means that they are highly customizable. 

Why are end caps important?

End caps offer brands a competitive advantage because products placed there are much easier to spot. These POP displays are available for rent from retailers and brands use them when they want to promote new products or when they have a special sale offer. 

End caps attract the attention of shoppers because they are easier to spot. Customers will end up purchasing products from end caps because of convenience. Instead of going on the aisle and checking out different products from different brands, customers will just take a look at the products on the end caps. 

The best part of using end caps? You can personalize it as much as you want. You can use the brand’s colors, add light, and other effects to capture the attention of your shoppers. If your brand has a mascot you can use it for end caps to better capture the spirit of your brand. 

These displays are simple, but you can make them look amazing and that’s how you make shoppers notice your products.