Clip strip

Clip strip

A clip strip is a type of POP display. It is a long metallic or plastic strip with hooks or holes where products can be placed. It is best for small products like M&M bags, small potato chips, batteries, gums, etc.

Why are clip strips important? 

Clip strips are a great type of merchandise display, especially for smaller stores or spaces. This is why clip strips are used at the checkout to increase impulse purchases. Retailers that don’t have a designated area for non-food items can use clip strips to display them near complementary products. 

For example, if you sell coffee, you can place spoons and coffee filter paper on clip strips, near the coffee and tea aisle. Cross merchandising with the help of strips it’s easy and it will catch the attention of customers. It’s easier for shoppers to spot products that are placed on this type of POP display and that is why they are effective.

Clip strips come in multiple colors and shapes. However, retailers usually use white, plastic, short clip strips. They can also be made out of metal and come with hooks or designated attachment systems. It’s really easy to attach them to the aisle and place the products and that’s why they can be used for in-store promotions.