Bulk Bins

Bulk Bins

Bulk bins are a way of selling products by weight. Instead of packaging small quantities of products and selling them, some brick-and-mortar stores sell products in bulk, with the help of bulk bins. No, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy in bulk, 10 kg of products.

Bulk bins are containers that have different products (nuts, spices, rice, etc.) and people can purchase as much as they like. Customers can use biodegradable bags from the store to purchase the products or they can even come with their own jars or bags to fill them up. Unlike prepacked products, the products from these containers need to be weighed in before purchase. 


Why are bulk bins important? 

Bulk bins are a great way to sell bigger quantities of products. The best thing about bulk bins is that it’s a sustainable selling strategy. If people use mason jars or bring their own biodegradable bags, then bulk bin shopping becomes a zero-waste initiative. 

Also, shoppers like bulk bins because they can purchase exactly the quantity they want to. Packaged products have standard quantities, which means shoppers might not purchase the amount they really want. With bulk bins this is easy. 


Types of bulk bins

There are two types of bulk bins available in stores: 


    1. Gravity-fed bins

Gravity-fed bins also come in two styles, continuous flow dispenser and portion-control dispenser. The first dispenser is used in brick and mortar stores for different products like grains and nuts. People will need to place a container at the bottom of the bin and use the handle to release the products from the bin. 

Portion-control dispensers only release a small amount of product in the container. These bins are used in restaurants for open bars. 


    2. Scoop bins

The second type of bulk bin comes with a scoop. Shoppers open the bin and scoop as much as they like.